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Pocket ART
Pocket-size leaflet about HIV treatment (ART), what it is, how it works, who needs it and other main points.

Introduction to ART
How treatment works, when to start, the importance of adherence, resistance, choice of drugs and doses.

Pocket PrEP guide
Pocket-size leaflet about PrEP.

Pocket PrEP for women guide
Pocket-size leaflet about PrEP for women.

UK Guide to PrEP
Uk guide to PrEP. What is PrEP? How it works. How to use it.

U=U poster
A3 colour poster.

U=U factsheet
U=U (Undetectable equals Untransmissable) A4 factsheet.

Pocket side effects guide
Pocket-size leaflet about HIV treatment (ART) and side effects.

HIV and your quality of life — new edition due June 2016
Short and long-term side effects, talking to your doctor, tips to help, quality of life.

Pocket pregnancy guide
Pocket-size leaflet about HIV treatment (ART) and pregnancy, what it is, how it works and other main points.

HIV, pregnancy and women's health
Mother, babies, becoming pregnant safely, treatment while pregnant, after baby is born, delivery methods.

Changing treatment and drug resistance
What do if treatment fails, resistance, TDM, choosing your next meds, how to help your next combo succeed.

Pocket hepatitis C guide
Pocket-size leaflet about hepatitis C and HIV.

Hepatitis C for people living with HIV — currently in revision
What is hepatitis C? Having hepatitis C and HIV together. Testing, treatment, support.

HIV testing and risks of sexual transmission — new edition due June 2016
HIV testing. Risks of sexual transmission. Different tests and how they work.

ART in pictures: HIV treatment explained
ART explained using six simple pictures, with a summary then more detail.

Treatment passport
Record your treatment, CD4 count, viral load and other important information. Pocket-size booklet.

Adherence diary
Adherence planners and side effect records for adherence support – single pages or pads of 50 sheets

i-Base publicity materials
Selection of materials to publicise the Treatment Phoneline and other i-Base services.

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