HTB South

HIV Treatment Bulletin South

HIV Treatment Bulletin supplement with a focus on southern Africa.

HTB South is produced and distributed in partnership with the Southern African HIV Clinicians’ Society.

Editor: Polly Clayden

Contributing Editor: Simon Collins

ISSN 2040-1450 (Print)

ISSN 2046-9373 (Online)

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HTB South is available as a PDF by email and via your browser. A print edition is distributed by the Southern African HIV Clinicians’ Society.


  • Dr Karen Beckerman, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York.
  • Dr Sanjay Bhagani, Royal Free Hospital, London.
  • Prof. Diana Gibb, Medical Research Council, London.
  • Dr Gareth Hardy, Case Western Reserve Univ. Cleveland.
  • Dr Saye Khoo, University of Liverpool Hospital.
  • Dr Leigh Johnson, University of Cape Town.
  • Prof. Clive Loveday, International Laboratory Virology Centre.
  • Prof. James McIntyre, Chris Hani Baragwanath Hosp. South Africa.
  • Dr Graeme Meintjes, GF Jooste Hospital, Cape Town.
  • Dr Stefan Mauss, Düsseldorf.
  • Dr Graham P Taylor, Imperial College, London.
  • Dr Stephen Taylor, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital.
  • Dr Gareth Tudor-Williams, Imperial College, London.
  • Dr Francois Venter, Reproductive Health and HIV Research Unit, South Africa

Editorial policy, copyright and funding

Comments to articles are compiled from consultant, author and editorial responses.

Some articles are reproduced from other respected sources and copyright for these articles remains with the original authors and sources, as indicated at the end of each article.

We thank those organisations for recognising the importance of providing widely distributed free access to information both to people living with HIV and to the healthcare professionals involved in their care. We also thank them for permission to distribute their excellent work and we encourage htb readers to visit the source websites for further access to their coverage of HIV treatment.

Articles written and credited to i-Base writers, as with all i-Base originated material, remains the copyright of HIV i-Base, but these articles may be reproduced by community and not-for-profit organisations without individual written permission and reproduction is encouraged. A credit and link to the original author, the HTB issue and the i-Base website is always appreciated.

HIV i-Base receives unconditional educational grants from charitable trusts, individual donors and pharmaceutical companies. All editorial policies are strictly independent of funding sources.

Southern African HIV Clinicians’ Society

The Southern African HIV Clinicians’ Society is thrilled to be part of the HIV Treatment Bulletin South initiative. This is a valuable publication for all Health Care Practitioners. This publication has essential, current and scientific information about research and HIV treatment updates with particular implications for clinical practice.

The Society is the largest special interest group within the South African Medical Association (SAMA). It is also the largest HIV interest group in the world.

Since its inception in 1997, with a membership of approximately 250 members, the Southern African HIV Clinician’s Society has grown to a membership of over 15,000 in the sub-Saharan region and internationally – a clear recognition of the services and support provided.

For more information about the Society or on how to become a member please visit:

Tel: + 27 (011) 341 0162
Fax: +27 (011) 341 0161