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17th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, 16-10 February 2010, San Francisco


The 17th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI), one of the most important annual HIV meetings, was held this year from 16-19 February. As with previous meetings, much of the conference is published online including all abstracts and webcasts of oral presentations including poster discussions.

Making this scientific content available without login or subscription is itself a significant achievement. It is a model for broadening access to medical research to a degree that is currently unmatched by any other meeting.

The webcasts this year include oral presentations, poster discussions, the opening lectures and the pre-meeting set of training workshops for young investigators.

The conference website also includes a searchable abstract database.

We encourage readers to view these lectures directly.

Lectures are also available as audio downloads and podcasts which include slides as audiobooks.

Our first articles covering this meeting are:

  • Treatment reduces infections by over 90%: a theme that is here to stay
  • ACTG 5205: atazanavir/ritonavir vs efavirenz in treatment naïve patients
  • Pipeline compounds and new approaches to treatment
  • Clinical benefits of stopping smoking: CVD and CHD risk returns to that of ‘previous smoker’ in HIV-positive people within three years
  • HIV increases the risk of lung cancer, independent of smoking status
  • HIV-positive people in the HOPS cohort have 4-fold risk of fracture compared to general population in the US
  • OCTANE 2: nevirapine and lopinavir/r are similar when used with tenofovir and FTC in treatment-naïve women
  • HIV incidence and retesting in pregnancy
  • Efavirenz use in pregnancy and birth outcomes
  • Pregnancy outcomes in women using non-AZT HAART in Europe
  • When should HAART be initiated in pregnancy to achieve an undetectable viral load?
  • Pregnancy outcomes in infants exposed to maternal antiretrovirals in utero
  • Maternal TB, HIV and pregnancy
  • Botswana IPT trial: Continuous isoniazid superior to 6 months short course

More to follow next issue…

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