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New website “Quackdown”

Introducing an excellent new website aimed at exposing quackery, mainly in South Africa.

Besides informative regular posts, the website contains a database called “Quackbase”. This is updated with new unsubstantiated claims made in the South African media.

The strap line of the site is “Helping you make informed choices about health care.” So the site aims to publish articles that are informative, factual and largely free of rhetoric. The site recognises that we are all taken in by quackery sometimes and so it’s aimed at helping people make informed choices, not at being smug about quackery (as many anti-quack websites seem to be). Examples of articles published so far are:

The website is managed by Nathan Geffen, who sometimes writes for HTB. He is looking for additional writers, so if you’re a keen quackbuster or have an interesting tale of quackery to tell, do get in contact with him via the contact form of the website.

Links to other websites are current at date of posting but not maintained.