HTB South

Future conferences: 2012/2013

The following listing covers some of the most important upcoming HIV-related meetings and workshops.

Registration details, including for community and community press are included on the relevant websites.

52nd ICAAC
9–12 September 2012, San Francisco, USA.

16th Annual UK Resistance Meeting
20th September 2012, London

BHIVA Autumn Conference 2012
4th – 5th October 2012, London

3rd Intl Workshop on HIV and Ageing
5–6 November 2012, Baltimore, USA.

11th International Congress on Drug Therapy in HIV
11–15 November 2012, Glasgow

20th Conference on Retroviruses and OIs (CROI) 2013
3–7 March 2013, Altanta.

19th Annual (BHIVA) 2013
16th – 19th April 2013, Manchester

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