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Medicines Patent Pool adds dolutegravir

Polly Clayden, HIV i-Base

On 1st April the Medicines Patent Pool (MPP) announced two licence agreements with ViiV Healthcare for dolutegravir.  According to their press release, the adult agreement will allow access to generic formulations of dolutegravir in countries where 93% of HIV positive adults live, and the paediatric one in countries where 99% of HIV positive children live.

They note that this announcement comes only two months after the EMA approved the drug for adults and adolescents age 12-18, and eight months after the US FDA’s approval.

In February 2013, the MPP and ViiV announced a collaboration on paediatric antiretrovirals and a licence for abacavir. The paediatric licence for dolutegravir will expand as the drug gains EMA/FDA approval for formulations in development for younger age groups.


Despite only being recently approved, WHO included dolutegravir in the list of products for pre qualification in January. Meanwhile studies are underway or planned in younger children, pregnant women and with TB treatment that will help to inform the use of this drug in resource limited settings. 

This news from the MPP should also help to shorten the time between approval for rich countries to use in poor ones.

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