HTB South

January/March 2017: Volume 10 Number 1

Welcome to the January–March 2017 edition of HTB South.

This edition provides a round-up of i-Base conference reports over the past six months and is distributed with The Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine.

Topics include:

  • Antiretrovirals, particularly those under investigation for optimised ART for low- and middle-income countries like dolutegravir and lower dose efavirenz.
  • Research for prevention, including a burgeoning PrEP pipeline.
  • Potential new strategies for controlling HIV such as antibody therapy.
  • Pregnancy, maternal health and infant outcomes.
  • Paediatric HIV including new drugs and virological response.
  • Tuberculosis, for which universal treatment for multidrug resistant TB is possible within current budgets with generic production and new strategies for children.

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Happy reading!

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