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January/March 2017: Volume 10 Number 1

International Congress of Drug Therapy in HIV infection (Glasgow 2016), 23-26 October 2016

Dolutegravir-based ART in combination with rifampicin-based TB treatment is safe in a small cohort of co-infected patients

Further reports of CNS-related side effects with dolutegravir

2nd HIV Research for Prevention Conference (HIVR4P) 2016, 17-20 October 2016, Chicago

A burgeoning PrEP pipeline: dozens of new drugs, formulations and delivery options

Second case of drug resistant HIV infection in person adherent on PrEP

TDF/FTC can be used as PrEP by breastfeeding mothers without risk to the baby

Potential for EFdA as PrEP to prevent HIV transmission in women and their infants

Antibody therapy leads to sustained post-treatment SIV control in macaques

21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016), 18-22 July 2016, Durban, South Africa

Dolutegravir is superior to boosted atazanavir in women in the ARIA study

Dual therapy with dolutegravir + 3TC keep viral load undetectable: 48 week results from PADDLE study

Once-daily raltegravir at last available: 48 week results from ONCEMRK study

Dual long-acting cabotegravir plus rilpivirine injections: 48-week results from LATTE-2

Efavirenz associated with suicide risk in analysis from START study

PROMISE results support WHO recommendations for pregnant and breastfeeding women: more needs to be done to improve ART acceptability and adherence

Birth weight and preterm delivery outcomes of vertically vs non-vertically infected HIV positive pregnant women

High death rates among HIV positive women postpartum accessing ARVs

Higher rates of eye complications in HIV positive people on ART

Sub-Saharan African countries moving quickly to recommend “Treat All”

ZERO: no linked HIV transmissions in PARTNER study after couples had sex 58,000 times without condoms

Global HIV Clinical Forum: Integrase Inhibitors, 16 July 2016, Durban

Raltegravir-based third-line ART in children and adolescents

8th International Workshop on HIV Paediatrics, 15-16 July 2016, Durban, South Africa

No increased resistance with once daily dosing of abacavir and 3TC than twice daily dosing in the ARROW trial

Raltegravir in HIV-exposed neonates

Virological response without routine viral load monitoring in children: results from the ARROW trial

Tenofovir-containing ART reduces bone mineral density in breast feeding women: results from IMPAACT P1084s

TB 2016, 16-17 July 2016, Durban, South Africa

Universal treatment of multi-drug resistant TB is possible within current budgets with generic production

Shortened nine-month MDR-TB treatment works well in children and adolescents

Levofloxacin: safety and tolerability in HIV positive and negative children treated for MDR-TB

17th International Workshop on Clinical Pharmacology of HIV & Hepatitis Therapy, 8-10 June 2016, Washington DC, USA

Modelling data might support use of low dose 400 mg efavirenz in pregnancy

Pharmacokinetics of antiretrovirals comparable to that in non-pregnant women from three weeks after delivery

CHAI’s ARV market report shows more people than ever on ART in 2015 – and on better ART: but still some way to go

First generic version of dolutegravir approved by the FDA

Brazil to start using dolutegravir first-line in its national programme

Dolutegravir superior to standard dose efavirenz in WHO analysis

Dolutegravir use in a London cohort – including nine pregnant women

HIV positive and HIV negative pregnancies in the UK and Ireland have similar outcomes including for older women: impressive 15-year review

January/March 2017: Volume 10 Number 1