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CROI (Retrovirus) 15 Boston 2008

15th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, 2-6 February 2008, Boston

Increased risk of myocardial infarction associated with abacavir and ddI

Atazanavir/r vs lopinavir/r in treatment-naive patients: 48 week results

Baseline inflammation and coagulation markers and changes over four weeks during a treatment interruption are strongly linked to HIV viraemia and risk of mortality

Restarting treatment after an interruption reduces the risk of serious events but CD4 recovery falls short of baseline levels

Immediate HAART reduces death and AIDS progression over 48 weeks in patients with acute OIs

Predictors of mother to child transmission among women initiating HAART in pregnancy in a South African cohort

Tenofovir plus FTC reduce NNRTI resistance following single dose nevirapine

Response to treatment after single dose nevirapine exposure in women

Response to treatment after single dose nevirapine exposure in infants

Infant prophylaxis for postnatal transmission

Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in young children initiating ART

Complications with BCG vaccination in HIV-positive and negative infants: CHER Study

The association between clinical characteristics and HIV-infection in very young infants

Paediatric pharmacokinetic studies

The unmet need for contraception services for women receiving ART

Valacyclovir decreases plasma and genital viral loads in HSV-2/HIV-1 co-infected women

HPV genotypes in HIV-positive women in Zimbabwe and Uganda

Utility of routine viral load, CD4 count and clinical monitoring among HIV-positive adults in rural Uganda

Implementation of more complex regimens for prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Rwanda

The estimated cost of switching from d4T to TDF in South Africa