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CROI (Retrovirus) 20 Atlanta 2013

20th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI), 3-6 March 2013, Atlanta

ARV pipeline: dolutegravir, TAF (GS-7340), MK-1439 and cenicriviroc

ARV pipeline: long-acting formulations of rilpivirine, GSK-744 and nanoformulations

Five-year results from the AntiRetroviral Research for Watoto (ARROW) Trial

Comparison of ritonavir-boosted lopinavir or NNRTI ART and PK with antimalarials in Ugandan children

Pharmacokinetics of currently available antiretroviral options for young children

Safety of transplacental raltegravir in neonates and washout pharmacokinetics

Tenofovir use in children

ddI resistance in South African children failing an abacavir or d4T based first-line regimen

Statin use in HIV positive people

RIFAQUIN study demonstrates once-weekly dosing during follow-up phase of TB treatment

Study indicates rifampicin dose should be higher

Counter-intuitive result of IPT plus ART trial

Combining Xpert and LAM urine testing improves TB diagnostic sensitivity

Deferring ART by four weeks reduces mortality in patients diagnosed with cryptococcal meningitis

Monthly injection protects macaques from rectal exposure: results should fast-track human studies for advanced PrEP options

Tenofovir DF ring protects macaques from vaginal exposure

VOICE study reports low adherence as reason for lack of efficacy for PrEP: anal sex common in African heterosexuals

Further studies on how male circumcision may reduce HIV transmission

Report of a functional cure in an HIV infected infant

RIFAQUIN trial proves new TB regimen