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IAS 6 Rome 2011

6th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention, 17–20 July 2011, Rome

Cure research and viral reservoirs

Orange Farm circumcision results dispel concerns about risk compensation

Randomised trial of ART in TB patients with high CD4 counts

6th IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention 17–20 July 2011, Rome

Webcasts for major research at IAS

Treatment is prevention: ARV treatment in HPTN-052 reduces transmission by at least 96%: single transmission in treatment arm occurred prior to viral suppression

Daily oral tenofovir/FTC PrEP reduces heterosexual transmission by 63% in the TDF2 study

Tenofovir/FTC vs tenofovir as daily oral PrEP: preliminary results from Partners PrEP

Elvitegravir vs raltegravir: 48 week results in treatment-experienced patients

Dolutegravir: 48 week results from phase II study in treatment-naïve patients

Lersivirine: 48 week results compared to efavirenz in phase 2 treatment-naïve study

SPARTAC trial: treatment in primary infection for 48 weeks shows small delay in disease progression

Hearing loss not associated with HIV in MACS and WIHS cohorts

Pharmacokinetics of darunavir and fosamprenavir in pregnancy

Low birth weight and preterm delivery

Hormonal contraception and HIV transmission risk

No difference in AIDS-free survival in children starting ART with a CD4% between 15%–24% compared to deferring until less than 15% in the PREDICT trial

Paediatric antiretroviral pipeline: update on etravirine and maraviroc

More metabolic abnormalities in children receiving a PI compared to NNRTI in NEVEREST study

Prematurity not associated with early mortality in infants on ART

Free online resource for treatment decisions without access to genotype resistance tests