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World AIDS 19 Washington 2012

19th IAS World AIDS Conference, 22–25 July 2012, Washington

HPTN-052: clinical advantages from earlier treatment

Hormonal contraception and the risk of HIV acquisition

Towards an HIV cure: Early developments reported at IAS, part 2

Online video interviews between researchers and activists

19th IAS World AIDS Conference, 22–25 July 2012, Washington

New booster – cobicistat as an alternative to ritonavir

Dolutegravir vs raltegravir in treatment-naive patients: 48 week results from the SPRING 2 study

Elvitegravir vs raltegravir: 96 week phase III results in treatment experienced patients

In vitro and animal data support safety profile BMS 986001: d4T-like NRTI currently in clinical trials

Switching to rilpivirine/tenofovir/FTC fixed dose combination from boosted-PI regimen: SPIRIT study draws the line at 24 weeks

Maraviroc plus atazanavir/ritonavir in a nuke-sparing regimen in treatment-naive patients

Five-year results from raltegravir registrational studies

First report: atazanavir-related gallstones (cholelithiasis)

Paediatrics studies at 19th International AIDS Conference and the 4th International Workshop on HIV Pediatrics

Novel lopinavir/ritonavir sprinkle formulation for children in resource-limited settings

Update on new antiretrovirals for children and adolescents

Tenofovir prophylaxis for neonates

Efavirenz levels variable in children in the CHAPAS-3 study

Lipid profile in children in PREDICT: immediate versus deferred nevirapine-based ART

High prevalence of peripheral neuropathy in children taking d4T in rural South Africa

BCG vaccination at birth induces CD4 cell activation in HIV exposed infants

Pharmacokinetics of old and new TB Drugs

High levels of maraviroc in rectal tissue fail to protect macaques from SIV transmission following rectal exposure

Mechanisms for circumcision to reduce HIV transmission in different penile tissue: target cell differences rather than keratinisation

Towards an HIV cure: Early developments in the field