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Non-standard combinations: NRTI-sparing combinations

High loss to follow up among asymptomatic women starting ART in pregnancy in Option B+

Decreased growth in ART exposed uninfected infants in Botswana

Antiretrovirals, doses and formulations for children

Higher intracellular concentrations with tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) overcomes K65R and other key NRTI resistance in vitro

Tentative phenotypic cut offs for dolutegravir: guidance for use with integrase resistance

S/GSK744 and long-acting formulation indicate broadly similar resistance profile to dolutegravir

Dolutegravir approved in the US

Community request Gilead to study and develop separate formulation of new tenofovir prodrug

ARV pipeline: dolutegravir, TAF (GS-7340), MK-1439 and cenicriviroc

ARV pipeline: long-acting formulations of rilpivirine, GSK-744 and nanoformulations

Five-year results from the AntiRetroviral Research for Watoto (ARROW) Trial

Comparison of ritonavir-boosted lopinavir or NNRTI ART and PK with antimalarials in Ugandan children

Pharmacokinetics and acceptability of lopinavir/ritonavir sprinkles in children aged 1 to 4 years

Pharmacokinetics of currently available antiretroviral options for young children

Safety of transplacental raltegravir in neonates and washout pharmacokinetics

Tenofovir use in children

ddI resistance in South African children failing an abacavir or d4T based first-line regimen

Study indicates rifampicin dose should be higher

Counter-intuitive result of IPT plus ART trial

START study increases sample size: additional 600 participants to be older than 35

WHO statement: generic antiretroviral therapy is safe and effective

Nevirapine-containing ART does not reduce combined oral contraceptive effectiveness

Differences by age for women in response to initial ART: meta-analysis from clinical studies submitted to the FDA

Lopinavir/ritonavir in pregnancy: results from a systematic review

Dolutegravir submitted to EU, US and Canadian regulatory agencies

Darunavir: new oral suspension and 800 mg formulations approved in EU

US label changes for rilpivirine and Eviplera follows EU caution on high baseline viral load: new summary on drug resistance

Study summaries from ICAAC 2012

Antiviral activity in vitro with S/GSK1265744

Efavirenz interaction studies with TB compounds bedaquiline and delamanid

HPTN-052: clinical advantages from earlier treatment

Online video interviews between researchers and activists

FDA approves Quad in US: price may prohibit UK access

Merck acquires CMX157 and EFdA and starts phase 2 study for new NNRTI

New booster – cobicistat as an alternative to ritonavir

Dolutegravir vs raltegravir in treatment-naive patients: 48 week results from the SPRING 2 study

Elvitegravir vs raltegravir: 96 week phase III results in treatment experienced patients

In vitro and animal data support safety profile BMS 986001: d4T-like NRTI currently in clinical trials

Switching to rilpivirine/tenofovir/FTC fixed dose combination from boosted-PI regimen: SPIRIT study draws the line at 24 weeks

Maraviroc plus atazanavir/ritonavir in a nuke-sparing regimen in treatment-naive patients

Five-year results from raltegravir registrational studies

First report: atazanavir-related gallstones (cholelithiasis)

Novel lopinavir/ritonavir sprinkle formulation for children in resource-limited settings

Update on new antiretrovirals for children and adolescents

Efavirenz levels variable in children in the CHAPAS-3 study

Lipid profile in children in PREDICT: immediate versus deferred nevirapine-based ART

Skeletal muscle toxicity and raltegravir

Dolutegravir indicates superiority compared to efavirenz in treatment-naïve patients: top-line results only

FDA update to darunavir label: severe skin reactions

Studies on pipeline ARVs: Quad, evitegravir/cobicistat, cobicistat, GSK1265744, BMS986001, dolutegravir, GSK-1265744, long acting formulations (monthly injections): rilpivirine-LA, raltegravir

Atazanavir/ritonavir plus raltegravir

Quad fixed-dose integrase combination: phase 3 studies at week 48

Dolutegravir studies continue to show promise

Tenofovir prodrug: 10 day monotherapy study sets dose at 25 mg for easier coformulation

Paediatric formulations of ARVs: including an exciting new class

High prevalence of d4T-associated lipodystrophy including lipoatrophy in children

Renal impairment in the D:A:D study

Early data for rilpivirine long acting formulation supports further investigation for PrEP

Darunavir use during pregnancy

FDA advisory hearing supports approval of tenofovir/FTC for PrEP

FDA advisory panel vote 13:1 for approval of Quad

Similar efficacy and a few gender related differences in side effects with rilpivirine vs efavirenz at 96-weeks

The effect of BMI on efficacy, safety and tolerability of lopinavir/r in women

Poorer adherence and loss to follow up in Kenyan women who are pregnant when enrolled to ART programmes

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