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Basic science

Stemming the flow from HIV reservoirs with neutralising antibodies

Effects of long-term ART initiated during primary HIV infection on reservoir size

Molecular events in HIV neutralising antibody development

Reports of a second baby possibly cured of HIV: uncertainty remains

Updates on SB728-T, a CCR5-targeting gene therapy

The prognostic value of interleukin-6 and D-dimer levels in primary HIV infection

HIV reservoir: CD4 T stem cells may facilitate long-term persistence

Update published on the first Berlin patient

Poor CD4 T cell recovery despite HIV suppression linked to increased morbidity and mortality

The relevance of the CD4/CD8 ratio in the ART era

First human trial of AAV as a delivery vehicle for HIV neutralising antibodies gets underway

HIV rebounds in Boston stem cell transplant recipients

Circulating memory T follicular helper cells correlate with the development of broadly neutralising antibody responses against HIV

No viral load rebound off-ART following stem cell transplant: two “cure” cases using reduced intensity conditioning chemotherapy and CCR5 d-32 negative donors

HIV cure research: further capsules at IAS 2013

CD4 T cells specific for different pathogens vary in susceptibility to HIV infection

Attack of the killer helpers (part two)

Lymph node fibrosis, CD4 T cells and immune reconstitution

New research on gut CD4 T-cell depletion and HIV pathogenesis

Study summaries from ICAAC 2012

Towards an HIV cure: Early developments in the field

New data on the Berlin patient: interpret with caution

Role of cell-to-cell transmission in sustaining the HIV reservoir

Cure research takes centre stage: proof of concept for activating the latent reservoir

Workshop report and commentary

Cure research and viral reservoirs

Continuing debate over the role of microbial translocation in HIV infection

Jostling latent HIV from slumber

Dubious analysis of a therapeutic tat vaccine trial

Studies on the loss of naïve T cells

Intensifying treatment does not reduce HIV reservoirs, but gut immune responses may have a role to play

Anchors away: new HIV entry inhibitor study creates a splash

TB vaccine including a latency-associated protein shows pre- and post-exposure efficacy in mouse model

T-cell activation and senescence associate with carotid artery disease in HIV-positive women

Berlin man remains free of detectable HIV 3.5 years after CCR5-negative stem cell transplant

Early predictors of disease progression

Sex and the single microbicide

Baseline naïve CD4 T cell numbers predict the immunological response to ART

Has poor CD4 T cell reconstitution in the gut been exaggerated?

Bridging the neurology-immunology barrier

Early predictors of disease progression

Thai HIV Vaccine Trial results presented and published

New neutralising antibodies discovered

Aging, HIV infection and the immune system

The end of the line for IL-2

Tracing HIV reservoirs

The role of Ad5-specific CD4 T-cells in enhancing risk of HIV acquisition in the Merck vaccine trial

Immune surveillance below the radar: study offers explanation for acyclovir’s failure to reduce HIV risk

Maximum suppression: ART intensification does not reduce residual viral load

Illuminating early events in HIV infection using single genome amplification

Cause for caution on HIV cure report

Low-level HIV replication versus latency: identifying the source of viral rebounds during treatment interruption

Microbial translocation in immunological non-responders to ART

Control of a superinfecting virus in an elite controller

Second-oldest HIV-1 sequence identified

Why do we not yet have an HIV vaccine?