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Sub-Saharan African countries moving quickly to recommend “Treat All”

UK guidelines for HIV-related cancers: 2014 edition published online

Strong recommendations in WHO guidelines are often based on lower quality evidence than indicated in GRADE approach

BHIVA update adult ARV guidelines

Southern African treatment guidelines retain CD4 threshold of 350 for starting ART

WHO 2013 guidelines: what about the missing formulations?

WHO 2013 guidelines: when the risk:benefit may not favour starting at CD4 count of 500

US (DHHS) ARV guidelines updated: moderate recommendation to treat at CD4 count >500 is based only on expert opinion

US paediatric guidelines updated

US guidelines include Stribild (Quad) as alternative rather than preferred option for treatment naive adults

IAS USA update adult ARV treatment guidelines

Treatment of HIV-1 positive adults with antiretroviral therapy (BHIVA 2012)

Management of HIV infection in pregnant women (BHIVA 2012)

WHO guidelines for testing, counselling and treatment in serodifferent couples: ART at CD4 >350 to reduce transmission

NICE guideline on fertility treatment proposes alternatives to sperm washing

BHIVA guidelines for the routine investigation and monitoring of adult HIV-1-infected individuals 2011

Draft BHIVA ARV treatment guidelines online for comment until 5 March

Draft BHIVA pregnancy guidelines online for comment until 5 March

London HIV Consortium issues new guidelines for ARV prescribing

New WHO guidelines for children

Scaling up: what to do first?

South African antiretroviral treatment guidelines updated

WHO TB guidelines

BHIVA draft guidelines for the treatment of opportunistic infections: online for comment

WHO publish major revisions to HIV management guidelines

US guideline update: treat when CD4 is <500 cells/mm3

Updated paediatric HIV treatment guidelines (PENTA, 2009)

Guidelines on when to start treatment in resource poor settings