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Screening HIV positive pregnant women for TB in South Africa increased detection by 10-fold

PrEP in pregnancy does not increase poor birth outcomes

A burgeoning PrEP pipeline: dozens of new drugs, formulations and delivery options

Second case of drug resistant HIV infection in person adherent on PrEP

TDF/FTC can be used as PrEP by breastfeeding mothers without risk to the baby

Potential for EFdA as PrEP to prevent HIV transmission in women and their infants

PROMISE results support WHO recommendations for pregnant and breastfeeding women: more needs to be done to improve ART acceptability and adherence

ZERO: no linked HIV transmissions in PARTNER study after couples had sex 58,000 times without condoms

PrEP reduced HIV risk by at least 86% in PROUD: no transmissions likely from people taking meds

“On demand” PrEP dosing in IPERGAY: 86% reduced risk of HIV, no transmissions with active drug use

Other HIV PrEP studies at CROI 2015: implementation of oral PrEP and problems with tenofovir gel

Antiretroviral studies at ICAAC 2014: darunavir-based FDC with TAF, cobicistat, doravirine, Stribild and gel formulation PrEP

Update on baseline STIs in UK oral PrEP study (PROUD)

Higher ART coverage is associated with lower HIV infection rates in a multi-country analysis

Open label oral PrEP at four doses a week: why zero infections does not equal 100% efficacy

No HIV transmissions with undetectable viral load: interim PARTNER study results show need for longer follow-up

PrEP injections every three months may protect against exposure from anal sex

Persistence of transmitted drug resistance mutations suggests source partners may be treatment-naive

HIV self testing to become legal in the UK from April 2014

Agreement to develop long-acting rilpivirine as PrEP

Partner-dependent immune differences may protect against HIV infection

Bangkok Tenofovir Study: US CDC recommends oral PrEP for injection drug users

Monthly injection protects macaques from rectal exposure: results should fast-track human studies for advanced PrEP options

Tenofovir DF ring protects macaques from vaginal exposure

VOICE study reports low adherence as reason for lack of efficacy for PrEP: anal sex common in African heterosexuals

Further studies on how male circumcision may reduce HIV transmission

CDC issues brief on the prevention benefits of HIV treatment

WHO recommendations for prevention and treatment of HIV for sex workers and their clients

HPTN-052: clinical advantages from earlier treatment

Online video interviews between researchers and activists

High levels of maraviroc in rectal tissue fail to protect macaques from SIV transmission following rectal exposure

Mechanisms for circumcision to reduce HIV transmission in different penile tissue: target cell differences rather than keratinisation

FDA approve Truvada to reduce the risk of sexual transmission

Orange Farm circumcision results dispel concerns about risk compensation

DSMB stops oral tenofovir monotherapy arm of VOICE PrEP study due to lack of difference compared to placebo

Treatment is prevention: ARV treatment in HPTN-052 reduces transmission by at least 96%: single transmission in treatment arm occurred prior to viral suppression

Daily oral tenofovir/FTC PrEP reduces heterosexual transmission by 63% in the TDF2 study

Tenofovir/FTC vs tenofovir as daily oral PrEP: preliminary results from Partners PrEP

HPTN 052 study stopped early: significant reduction in HIV transmission from early use of HIV treatment in serodifferent partners

FEM-PrEP prevention study using daily Truvada halted during enrollment: interim analysis shows similar infection rates in active and placebo arms

Results from the Caprisa 004 tenofovir microbicide trial

Male circumcision retains effectiveness at reducing risk of HIV infection: 54 month results

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) with tenofovir/FTC reduces sexual transmission of HIV between men at high risk: results from the iPrEx study

US CDC issue preliminary guidance for use of PrEP

Trial finds high adverse event rate of circumcision device being marketed in Africa

Treatment reduces infections by over 90%: a theme that is here to stay

Making progress on prevention

Implications of transmission with undetectable HIV viral load: lower limit for HIV transmission excluded from model