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Treatment access

Dolutegravir outperforms lopinavir/ritonavir second-line: interim results from the DAWNING study

Generic dolutegravir-based FDCs at US $75 a year for low- and middle-income countries

First dolutegravir-based FDC gets FDA tentative approval

WHO adds dolutegravir and PrEP to updated Essential Medicine List

Dozens of countries left out of new PEPFAR strategy, threatening the global AIDS response

Generic dolutegravir-based FDCs at US $75 a year for low- and middle-income countries

Sub-Saharan African countries moving quickly to recommend “Treat All”

CHAI’s ARV market report shows more people than ever on ART in 2015 – and on better ART: but still some way to go

First generic version of dolutegravir approved by the FDA

Brazil to start using dolutegravir first-line in its national programme

Dolutegravir superior to standard dose efavirenz in WHO analysis

Pill A, Pill B: simplified second-line treatment for low-income countries

UNAIDS sets 90-90-90 target for 2020 to end AIDS by 2030

No difference in overall anaemia rate with reduced dose AZT

Rationalising the paediatric antiretroviral formulary in Malawi

Medicines Patent Pool adds dolutegravir

FDA approvals of generic ARVS

BMS to add atazanavir to Patent Pool

Donors pledge $12 billion to Global Fund for 2014–2016: increase still short of $15 billion goal

Global Fund and UNAIDS urge Nigeria to reconsider new anti-gay law

High prices for antiretrovirals in middle-income countries outside Africa

From sky high to CHAI* – what needs to be done about dolutegravir pricing?

UK pledges £1 billion for Global Fund

UNAIDS reports new HIV infections are reduced by one-third compared to 2001

Southern African treatment guidelines retain CD4 threshold of 350 for starting ART

France pledges $1.4 billion for Global Fund

WHO 2013 guidelines: what about the missing formulations?

Ending global use of d4T: UNITAID to tip market to safer alternatives

TRIPS extension for least developed countries

Community request Gilead to study and develop separate formulation of new tenofovir prodrug

New UNITAID grants focus on paediatric HIV, TB and malaria

Global Fund results continue upward trend

Germany extends €200 million annual support to Global Fund until 2016

New analysis of country pledges and contributions to the Global Fund

Renewal of Indian Global Fund Grant made conditional on government funding for ART

MSF and DNDi report highlights importance of research into neglected diseases

Online video interviews between researchers and activists

FDA approval of generic ARVs

Free HIV treatment in the UK for all, irrespective of residency status

Robin Hood Tax begins in France

Novartis case enters Indian Supreme court

India: Bayer stay order against compulsory licence denied

FDA approval of generic ARVs

EU parliament rejects anti-counterfeiting trade agreement: allows continued access to generic medicines

US trade deal threatens access to medicines

FDA approval of generic ARVs: nevirapine and Combivir now off-patent in the US

Stavudine (d4T) phase-out festival in Delhi

Global action over the challenge to India

Why global health activists are fired up about Novartis

Obama’s global, domestic & HIV research budget backslides on existing commitments

FDA approval of generic ARVs

Disastrous warning for global HIV programmes in 2012

Michel Kazatchkine resigns from Global Fund: Gabriel Jaramillo, Brazilian banker, to serve as general manager

Janssen block Patent Pool access to darunavir, rilpivirine and etravrine

UNITAID continues funding the Patent Pool, paediatric HIV medicines and malaria

We need the Patent Pool to work

Call to Action on Global Fund restriction to new funding to 2014

Analysis of why the Global Fund cancelled Round 11

Reaction to the Global Fund’s decisions on Round 11 and grant renewals

FDA approval of generic ARVs

Monitoring treatment in resource limited settings: results from PHPT-3 and Stratall ANRS12110/ESTER trials

DART: high rates of viral suppression after five years and a single CD4 test with a threshold of 250 cells/mm3 could reduce unnecessary switching

Lopinavir/r monotherapy used as second-line therapy in resource-limited settings

FDA approval of generic ARVs

Gilead signs up for Medicines Patent Pool

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