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Treatment strategies

Dolutegravir outperforms lopinavir/ritonavir second-line: interim results from the DAWNING study

Increased risk of IRIS with integrase inhibitors reported in two studies

Early HIV treatment and isoniazid prophylaxis: why TEMPRANO results do not yet support universal ART at CD4 counts >500

Weekend-off ART is non-inferior to continuous ART in young people taking efavirenz-based regimens: results from BREATHER study

Higher ART coverage is associated with lower HIV infection rates in a multi-country analysis

No difference in overall anaemia rate with reduced dose AZT

Viral load rebound rate of 35% using ritonavir-boosted PI monotherapy: results of five-year PIVOT study

Dual therapy less effective at high viral load: NEAT 001 study with raltegravir/darunavir/r

Atazanavir, raltegravir and darunavir virologically equivalent in naive patients but significant differences for tolerability: results from ACTG 5257

NNRTI resistance found in 12% of people stopping treatment with undetectable viral load: implications for stock-outs

Trials show further benefits for cotrimoxazole in children and adults

Southern African treatment guidelines retain CD4 threshold of 350 for starting ART

Why the “when to start” question is complex and informed by limited evidence: a response to Dr Myron Cohen

START study increases sample size: additional 600 participants to be older than 35

Monitoring treatment in resource limited settings: results from PHPT-3 and Stratall ANRS12110/ESTER trials

DART: high rates of viral suppression after five years and a single CD4 test with a threshold of 250 cells/mm3 could reduce unnecessary switching

Lopinavir/r monotherapy used as second-line therapy in resource-limited settings