Resistance mutations continue to accumulate with low-level viral increases

Resistance to template-analogue inhibitors linked to impaired replication

Abacavir treatment limited by prior NRTI exposure

Phenotypic resistance to ddI is less frequent than resistance to ZDV, 3TC and abacavir

Secondary mutations in HIV-1 protease predict treatment failure in naive patients

HIV drug resistance can develop under HAART at low levels of viraemia

GigaHAART study shows benefit of treatment interruption prior to treatment with >7 drugs in highly treatment experienced patients

Patients refractory to HIV treatment require close monitoring

Report on salvage therapy from the 39th annual meeting of the IDSA

Resistance to nevirapine differs by HIV-1 subtype

Anti-HIV immune responses and partial viral suppression

HIV resistance, phenotypic drug susceptibility and viral fitness

SWATCH – alternating antiretroviral regimens

Structured treatments interruptions

Importance of additional active drugs for NNRTI-naive patients using NNRTI-based salvage regimens

NNRTI and PI drug plasma levels are as critical as drug sensitivity in achieving treatment success in antiretroviral experienced patients

Increased prevalence of transmission of drug resistant HIV and reduced response in newly infected subjects in nine US cities

Role of codon-69 variants in reduced susceptibility to nucleoside analogues

Selection of zidovudine resistance in a distinct class of wild-type HIV-1 from drug naive people

Nucleoside resistance pathways may differ between HIV-1 and HIV-2

Role of Y318F mutation in NNRTI resistance

Prevalence of the T215Y mutation in HIV type 1-infected pregnant women in a New York cohort, 1995-1999

Impaired replication of protease inhibitor-resistant HIV-1 in human thymus

HIV drug resistance is increasing in the UK

Drug resistant HIV spreading in UK

Paediatric treatment issues at the 8th CROI

HIV evolves independently in blood and CSF

First European guidelines for HIV-1 drug resistance testing (2001)

Update on HIV drug resistance

MDR resistance transmission increases in the UK

Treatment interruption and salvage therapy

Tenofovir (PMPA), defining cross-resistance profiles

Mycophenalate mofetil in patients with advanced disease and multidrug resistant HIV

Hydroxyurea is active in vitro against multidrug-resistant HIV

ABT-378/r (Lopinavir): defining a resistance profile and the effects of resistance on virological response in experienced patients

Phenotypic resistance testing improves response to therapy: final analysis of VIRA3001

Continued benefits from protease inhibitor based therapy despite virological failure

Do resistance mutations disappear off therapy?

Selection of PI mutations during slow decay of VL and resistance after PI failure

Thymidine analogues mutations (TAMS) and other NA-related resistance mutations

Immune response may persist after emergence of protease inhibitor-resistant HIV

HIV drug resistance testing: update

Clinical studies of indinavir/ritonavir as salvage therapy

Indinavir plus ritonavir: might exposure to higher levels of indinavir overcome protease resistant HIV and prove useful to ‘rescue’ previously failed protease inhibitor based combinations?

HIV-positive women, pregnancy and newborns

Non-clade B virus: epidemiology, testing strategies and resistance

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