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Pocket side effect guide (2015)


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This pocket ART page links to different i-Base resources about side effects, other health problems and your quality of life.Pocket QoL 160x160 logo

Pocket side effects guide is a small i-Base leaflet about side effects, long term health and your quality of life (QoL).

  • Everyone worries about side effects if they have to take treatment.
  • Modern HIV drugs (called antiretroviral treatment or ART) generally have very low risk of serious side effects.

When side effects occur they are usually during the first few weeks as your body adjusts to taking meds.

These are usually mild for a few weeks and then usually improve.

If  you have symptoms, you should always talk to your doctor. You and your doctor can then decide whether or not it is likely to be the meds and what to do about it.

One option is to change your HIV meds to ones that might be easier. Other options are to monitoring and increase testing and another is to take meds to help the side effects directly.

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Full guide to HIV and your quality of life, including side effects and other health issues

side cover 2012i-Base also produce more detailed information about side effects and other health issues.

The guide looks at how to describe side effects to your doctors, includes medical and alternative ways to manage each main side effect and looks at the most likely side effect for each drug.

This guide is available online and a printed A5 booklet.