HIV i-Base - Optimising paediatric HIV care - March 2001

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Paediatric HIV Care

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HIV Treatment Bulletin Vol2 No3 SUPPLEMENT.1

Introduction from i-Base
Optimising treatment for HIV-positive children
Treating HIV-positive children: the Dutch perspective
Paediatric use of ABT-378/r (lopinavir/r)
NNRTI-based 4-drug combinations
Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) in the Netherlands
Drug level monitoring in the UK
A call for resistance testing
A role for treatment interruptions? - roundtable
Immune reconstitution in response to HAART
Protocol for salvage therapy
Lipodystrophy in children

Helping children take HAART: taste and formulations
Community support in France
Simplifying adherence: use of PEG-tubes
Reducing paediatric infections - ARV use in pregnancy
Treatment for newly born babies

Pill swallowing protocol
Antiretrovirals used in paediatric treatment
Guidelines and further reading
TDM service at Liverpool University & reply form
Attendee List

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Paediatric HIV Care' is a report from the HIV i-Base meeting 'Optimising Options for Paediatric HIV Treatment - a focus on issues for current clinical care' held on Friday 27 October 2000 at London House, Bloomsbury.


Simon Collins and Polly Clayden.

Events co-ordinator: Andrew Moss, R.G.N.
Scientific advisor: Paul Blanchard
IT, Web and Administration Support: Paul Foster
Technical Support: Dean Bright
Transcription: Kevin Gardner
Illustrations: Beth Higgins
Photographs: Lesley Shearer

Further copies of this report may be ordered free of charge using the fax-back form pdf or by contacting the i-Base office.

Support for the meeting and this report was provided from The Monument Trust and the following pharmaceutical companies - Abbott Laboratories, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bristol-Myers Squibb and DuPont Pharmaceuticals.

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