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My girlfriend just tested positive…

My girlfriend found out she’s positive after 4 weeks of us having sex. Due to her having a high viral load, does it mean I’m also going to be positive? I tested negative and I’m on a wait period.


How is your girlfriend doing? Is she okay?

Even though your girlfriend was not on treatment, the risks are still good that you are negative. Catching HIV is quite difficult.

It is good that you have tested and are waiting. As the first result was negative, you are much more likely to be HIV negative than positive, even after the wait.

If your girlfriend is able to start treatment, the meds will also protect you in the future, even if you prefer not use condoms.

Please see this link for more info:


Info at this link might help your gf:





  1. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Diana,

    Thanks for your comment. The advice that we give is based on scientific research. It is a known fact that people who are on effective treatment and who have an undetectable viral load cannot transmit HIV to their sexual partners. Please see here for more information:


    This has been supported by UNAIDS as well the British HIV Association, among others. If you have evidence that would refute the PARTNER study and the SWISS statement, please do share it with us.
    It is also commonly known that HIV is actaully quit hard to transmit, and that in most instances, its simply a case of bad luck.

    There is no denying that HIV can have a devastating impact on the lives of some people. However, once people who are positive realize that they can have normal lives and that being on treatment is very important, this can and does change peoples perspectives.

  2. Diana

    Sorry but your advise is really dangerous you giving the impression that even though someone is hiv and on treatment that they can’t infect another person.. you are also saying it’s difficult to get hiv .. you shouldn’t be making statements like that since there are people out there that will go sleep around just because they are on treatment.. your words is wreckless hiv is everywhere and it’s very easy to get when having unprotected sex.. I work with hiv patients and know first hand how devastating the effects are be wise and condomice no matter if u positive or negative

  3. Simon Collins

    Hi Sipho, I am sorry that I can’t talk about another person’s health. This is something that you wife may or may not want to talk about. sometimes HIV meds are used to prevent infections. However, even if your wife is HIV positive, the meds will also be protecting you from catching HIV. Please read this article which is very up-to-date on this important aspect of health care.

  4. Sipho

    I have just discovered that my wife is taking Atroiza pills which is regarded as HIV treatment,is it possible that she is HIV positive if so am I in danger of contracting HIV virus as well since we do not use protection when we are having sex.She has been hiding these pills from me, I suspect something is not right here,what should I do

  5. Lisa Thorley

    Hi Sizwe,

    Your girlfriend could be an elite controller, if she is, this would explain why her viral load is undetectable without meds. Please see here:


  6. Sizwe

    My partner is pregnant and was recently diagnosed hiv positive with undetectable viral load. I have read comments about the undetectable viral load, I am just confused or don’t understand how my partner’s viral load was undetectable when she has never taken any medication for hiv. Is it possible that she was taking ARVs before we met and lied to me about that or it is possible to have an undetectable viral load without taking hiv medication?


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