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What’s of these viral load results is better?

In 2013 my viral load was 16090. In 2017 its 5899. Which one means more virus in the body.
2013 or 2017?


Thanks for getting in touch.

The higher number means there was more HIV in 2013 than 2017. The results were was approximately 16,000 vs 6000 copies per millilitre (/mL) of blood.

Both numbers are relatively low if you are not on HIV treatment. But while treatment wasn’t always recommended in 2013, in 2017 things have changed and your doctor should talk to you about treatment.

However, if you are on treatment (ART), then any number above 200 means that you probably need to change treatment.

Can I ask whether you are on treatment? If yes, which meds do you take and are how long have been taking these?


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