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All questions are answered by treatment advocates. Advocates are not doctors or nurses. Information is provided in order to discuss treatment issues with your doctor.

Simon Collins

Simon is a founder of i-Base. Simon is the editor of HTB and is responsible for producing the i-Base treatment guides. Simon manages the treatment information services and also runs treatment workshops.

Robin Jacob

Robin joined i-Base in March 2014 as a full time treatment advocate. He is responsibille for the phoneline and Q&A services.

Polly Clayden

Polly Clayden is co-founder of HIV i-Base and writes on treatment access, pregnancy and paediatric HIV treatment and care. She works closely with a number of community-based advocacy and activist organisations internationally.

Previous advocates

Rebecca McDowall

Angelina Namiba

Winnie Sseruma 

Charlotte Walker

Svilen Konov

Last updated: 1 June 2015.