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Can we have unprotected sex?


Thanks for the work you doing!

My wife and I have been having sex without a condom for about three or four months. How much will this damage our life? My wife was probably infected a year ago when we met casually. But I know I was infected about five years ago.

Recently I have seen a rash on my hands after taking treatment for urinary tract infection. Does this indicate I am progressing to AIDS?

Thanks once again

Can I drink alcohol with Atripla?

Does ‘an empty stomach’ mean no drinking alcohol either? And if so what are the consequences? Could one develop resistance or stop the medication from working at their full potential by drinking alcohol? I have been on Atripla for the last three years and although I am careful not to eat for at least two hours before I take my meds I have a glass or two of wine (sometimes three). Should I worry? Thank you

What is the likelihood I am HIV positive?

I had unprotected vaginal sex with a woman who I paid to have sex with me. I feel like this is possibly one of the worst decisions of my life. These are the facts of my situation:

* I am circumcised.
* I tested negative for HIV one week after the unprotected sex.
* The intercourse was brief, I stopped what I was doing midway through the sex. I conservatively estimate I was actually inside of her vagina for around 30 seconds.
* I received a blow job from her after this with no condom.
* I later found out she was HIV positive from a reliable source.

I understand there are no definite answers when dealing with HIV infection, but I am wondering what you think my odds of my being infected are? I am awaiting my results from a re-test and am going insane.

Have I given him HIV?

I’m a male and HIV positive. I recently tested HIV positive. Before I knew I was positive I had un-protected sex with another male. He inserted his penis in me for a split second and then withdrew. He put on a condom then and continued with anal sex. I penetrated him also, but always had a condom on. I didn’t ejaculate. Is there a chance that I could have passed on the virus to him? He is going to get tested but has to wait a few weeks for an appointment.

Is it as likely that the virus can be transmitted from the passive partner to the active partner during anal sex, would it need more time than just one penetration that lasted for no longer than a few seconds? Is the virus transmittable during oral sex? He did give me oral sex and again I never ejaculated, could I have passed on the virus. I never seem to have pre-cum or at least obvious amounts. I know the only way to know for sure is if he gets tested but I’m concerned and the wait is killing me. Thanks.

What is the risk of HIV transmission through oral sex?

First of all my thanks to everyone at i-Base!

I have a question regarding transmission. I am HIV positive and have a low viral load (under 250) and am not yet on medication. I always use condoms for anal intercourse but my questions relate to oral sex.

From what I’ve read, the risk increases:
• if the insertive partner has a high viral load.
• if the receptive partner has infections in the mouth or cuts, gum disease, has had recent dental work etc
• if the receptive partner takes semen in the mouth
• if the HIV positive receptive partner has blood in the mouth – they could possibly infect a negative partner

I can only find terms such as ‘low risk, very low’ but this all seems subjective. Low compared to the risk of unprotected intercourse doesn’t really mean much. Does that mean that with an undetectable/low/mid/high viral load that condoms should always be used or that if you avoid the higher risk scenarios unprotected oral sex is considered safe? I guess it all relates to the level of risk someone is willing to accept so I was hoping you might have some data e.g. percentage risk per act etc.

I read that there was a Spanish study reporting no seroconversions from 19,000 exposures over 10 years in serodiscordant couples and other reports saying that up to 5% of infections could be attributed to oral sex. Are there any recent studies to clarify the level of risk and also which reports would you regard as the most accurate?

I’ve recently met a great guy and it’s come to the point that I want to disclose my status. I’m hoping this might allow us both to put the level of risk into perspective.

Many thanks in advance and best wishes

What can I do about my abdominal fat?

I am HIV positive and I have extreme abdominal fat due to either HIV medication or related to my diabetes. My question is, is there anything that can be done or any medicine that counteracts this problem?

Many of the doctors that I have spoken with are afraid of the human growth hormone and I would like to know what is your take on this matter?

Concerned about HIV positive friend?

I am concerned about a very close friend who is HIV positive. His viral load is undetectable and his CD4 count over 500 but he wishes to travel to the US. I do not seem to be able to find travel insurance (he is over 70 and intends to stay more than 31 days) Since the removal of the US ban on HIV positive travellers has anyone experienced travel to the US (is it now hassle free) Also, because of the time difference medication which at present is taken around 10/11 pm before sleeping will be taken mid-afternoon 2/3 pm (not the time recommended)

Is it okay to start having sex again?

I am HIV positive and my wife is HIV non reactive i.e, HIV negative. We got divorced 3 years ago and from that time I haven’t had any sexual intercourse with anyone. Is it ok to have unprotected sexual relationship with HIV non reactive person? I have started having sexual urges. Is it ok to have protected sex with a sex worker?

La glaucoma puede estar relacionada con los medicamentos que estoy tomando? (Is my glaucoma related to my medication?)

I found out I was HIV positive in May 2009. My last test showed a CD4 count of 322 and a viral load of 33,340. I would like to know if this is low or high? I have been taking HIV medication since March 2010, but have been feeling really sick since starting them with general tiredness, irritability, insomnia, and nightmares. I am anxious about getting worse, and having to go into hospital. I am being treated in a well respected hospital in Rio de Janeiro, but I am not sure of the care I am receiving.


Descobri que sou soro positivo desde maio/2009. Meu último exame em agosto/2009 diz que tenho 322 cd4 e carga viral 33.340. Gostaria de saber se essa contagem é alta ou baixa, comecei a fazer uso dos retro-virais em março/2010. Estou preocupado, pois estou me sentindo muito mal depois que comecei a fazer uso da medicação, me sinto mais cansado, tudo me irrita, tenho muita insônia e das vezes que durmo tenho sempre pesadelos. Tenho medo de ficar mal e ter que me internar, estou me tratando num hospital de referência no RJ mais mesmo assim tenho muitas dúvidas.

Which drugs should I take if I go back to Chile?

Hi there guys.

First of all thank you for all the good work.

My question might seem to be very specific and personal and hope I can get some guidance from you. I am originally from Chile and am now a citizen of the UK. I tested positive for HIV a year ago. I have recently gone back to my country on a long holiday and I have found myself falling for a local guy, typical story isn’t it? I have been considering going back to settle in Chile but being HIV positive has made my decision somehow more difficult as the level of care I would get over there is less satisfactory than the care I could get in the UK.

My question is regarding treatment. There are treatments available in Chile free of cost but I was wondering if you could give me your views in respect of their side effects and which drugs I should be taking. Here is the list of what is available:

Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors (NRTIs or nukes)

abacavir (ABC)

didanosine (Ddl)

stavudine (D4T)

lamivudine (3TC)

zidovudine (AZT)

lamivudine + zidovudine (Combivir)

lamivudine + abacavir (Kivexa)

lamivudine + zidovudine + abacavir (Trizivir)

Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NNRTIs or non-nukes)

nevirapine (NVP)

efavirenz (EFV)

Protease inhibitors (PIs)

amprenavir/fosamprenavir (APV/FPV)

atazanavir (ATV)

indinavir (IDV)

lopinavir (LPV)

nelfinavir (NFV)

ritonavir (RTV)

saquinavir (SQV)

I would really appreciate if you give me your opinion on this matter and whether based on this limited information should I consider relocating. Again many thanks for such fantastic work.

Why is my viral load fluctuating so much?

I was diagnosed HIV positive in early 2007. The results of my CD4 counts and viral load (VL) tests so far are as follows:

CD4=700, VL=6,000

CD4=580, VL=7,000

CD4=900, VL=24,000

CD4=580, VL=240,000

These are from the first test up to the most recent one. The last two are the most recent tests taken three months apart. I am concerned about the huge difference between these two. I am especially concerned about the rise in VL from 24,000 to 240,000 in the space of three months. I just wonder if this is normal. Is it not supposed to be a steady increase?

This really scares me as my doctor is reluctant to start me on HIV medication as my CD4 seems to be okay. As far as I understand, the higher the VL, the higher the risk of sickness. Would it not be better in this case to start treatment irrespective of the CD4 count? I am trying to be sensible and keep going for tests but looking at this, I am scared I am going to get sick anyway because the CD4 is blocking me from starting treatment.

Why am I losing weight?

I was diagnosed HIV positive 2 weeks ago with a CD4 count of 430

A week and a half later I had a sore throat and tongue, an itchy right eye and a few pains. I’m not on meds at the moment. I have had this twice in the last 6 months. I have also lost a stone since diagnosis, I did weigh 18 stone now I weigh 17 stone but I put the weight loss down to shock.

Is it shock or should I worry. I feel like a massive hypochondriac, when my partner is such a rock.

I am losing weight, is this normal?


I have been using Atripla for just over a year but just recently I have noticed that I’m losing weight. I am 5ft3, 29 yrs old, and am currently down to 9 stone. I have not been 9 stone for years. I am normally 10 stone. Is this sudden weight loss normal?

Can reactivating resting CD4 cells eliminate HIV?

Hi, I have to say thanks for all the valuable information on this site it is and has been very helpful.

I came across a web page saying that prostratin is only 80% effective. I have also read on here that with ARVs it will take up to 70 years to rid the body of HIV. I found out that prostratin is more effective when combined with valproic acid and that even at 80% effectiveness it would take an average of 14 years to rid the body of HIV providing there is no drug resistance.

I saw something about BIT225 also having an effect on activating the resting CD4 cells. Even if this has only some effect would it not reduce the time it would otherwise take to eradicate HIV even further may be 10 years?

Even if these methods aren’t 100% effective surely it would be still worth using them to try to rid the body of HIV? Surely it wouldn’t take too long to go through clinical trials as the Samoan people have been using prostratin for years so there shouldn’t be much need to do mass amounts of toxicology tests.

If all goes well with prostratin how long would it take to get in to the clinic?

Is there any research going on in the UK for eradication of HIV?

I understand that selenium makes HIV more docile if this is the case then would using selenium decrease the chance of viral rebound ie drug resistance?

Thanks for your help

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