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Is my husband HIV positive or not?

Before we got married we did a HIV test in 2008. We got married because it was negative for both of us. In 2009, we did another test and it was also negative. In 2010 my husband is positive and I am negative. What baffles me is that since Feb 2010 untill January 2011 all his tests have shown that the antigens are present (including on a Western blot test) but his viral load is low and his CD4 count is normal.

What does this mean? That he has HIV or that he does not?

Will I get my old figure back?


I was on HAART for a year but stopped it due to lipodystrophy and lipoatrophy. I am now taking Stocrin (efavirenz) and Truvada. It’s been six months now since I started the new combination.

What I would like to know is, I am slowly but surely gaining the weight back especially on my face and my legs, will I get back to the shape I was before I had these side effects? I am 31 year old black female who had an hour glass figure. Will I get it back as time goes on?

Is increased cholesterol due to the HIV or the meds?


I started my first line of treatment (Atripla) nearly a year ago. I’ve just been told that my cholesterol has become a problem. The reading came back at 6.3 and I have been told to look at my diet and exercise etc.

I can’t find much area for improvement apart from the fact that the only real exercise I get is a lot of walking as I cannot afford to join a gym or attend exercise classes.

I have been looking at health supplements and found that soya lecithin is an affordable option. An adviser at THT had previously told me that garlic supplement/capsules can interact with Atripla, but was uncertain about soya lecithin. I thought that you might be able to tell me if taking this soya supplement with Atripla would be safe?

I have never had cholesterol problems before – do you think it could be linked to the HIV or the medication?

Many thanks for your help and best wishes

Will Fuzeon (T-20) increase my CD4 if I add it to my combination?


I live in the UK and was diagnosed HIV over 3 years ago with a CD4 count of 4 and Viral Load of 50,000

I was immediately placed on Sustiva (efavirenz) and Kivexa (abacavir/lamivudine) as first line HIV treatment.

My recent CD4 count in December 2010 was 197, CD4 percentage 28% and viral load less than 40 copies.

I was wondering since my CD4 count has never gone above 200, could I possibly temporarily introduce Fuzeon (T-20) into my regime along with the Sustiva/Kivexa, as I’ve read in drug trials T-20 can increase the CD4 count dramatically, as it works differently to standard HAART therapy.

As I would not meet the NHS criteria for this drug (ie. no resistant strains/previous problems with HAART) I would be willing to finance this drug myself which I understand is approx £1,100 per month for 30days (twice daily injection).

Would a temporary 2 months on Fuzeon have any effect and increase my CD4 count into safe levels ie. over 350 and would any increase be long term, or would T-20 need to be of permanent use to maintain a high CD4 count?

Thank you and I apologise for this being a lengthy and detailed question.


Should I terminate my pregnancy?


I have just discovered that I am 9 weeks pregnant and I’m currently on 3TC, d4t and Stocrin (efavirenz). My CD4 is 850 and my viral load is undetectable.

Please advise it is safe to have the child and how soon should I start the mother to child prevention treatment? Is natural birth safe or is a Caesarean section better for me? I’m confused and scared and I’m thinking of terminating the pregnancy!

I am HIV positive and pregnant, what are the risks?

I am 32, married and have two children. I am HIV positive and so is my husband. I recently discovered I am pregnant but my husband is furious with me, and has advised me to go for an abortion. I am now debating on what to do as I do not want to go through a pregnancy without the support of my husband. What are the risks in pregnancy when HIV positive?

What is the meaning of a CD4 count of 200 or less?

My partner did her first CD4 test this December and it turned out she had a CD4 count of less than 200. She got to know she was positive in April 2010 the same time I also got to know her. Her viral load is not known as that test is rare in developing countries.

My question is:

1) From you extensive knowledge about HIV, what are the things you read or come to your mind if someone’s first test is a CD4 count of less than 200?

2) Speculation is not good but since we cannot accurately estimate time of infection then we may only speculate with some backing of scientific HIV facts. Approximately how long does an infection lead to a CD4 count of less than 200 if we can speculate :) ?

3) We do not know who was infected first but my CD4 count since April has been above 650 and my viral load is 1200 from a last test this week (I am not on any medication yet). What do you read or what can your more reliably assume from a comparison of our data?

PS. She started medication but I have my fears as we are from a developing country medical access has been very hard for her.


I have just started medication and have a lot of questions…..

Dear Team,

I recently found out that I was HIV positive after all my tests. My doctor has put me on Truvada and efavirenz. My CD4 count is 273.

After the first week I got side effects of dizzyness. Now the problem is I don’t get enough sleep after taking my medicine. I have several questions about my medicine:

1. Do I need to change my meal timings?
2. When can I take the pills?
3. Can I go to gym for workout after taking my pills?
4. One guy said those pills I am taking have steroids thats why I don’t get to sleep? Is it true?
5. What are steroids?
6. Can I take protein supplements for my work out?
7. Will I start developing obesity? If so what treatments/diet do you suggest?
8. When can I go for a workout during the day?
9. Being positive makes me more confused about my medications and how manage my life style, what can I do?
10. People/internet all say a healthy lifestyle should make my life easier but what is healthy lifestyle?
11. I am worried about when to take my meals and my tablets and when to sleep, can you help please?

Thank You,

I am confused about my CD4 count and CD4%


Really confused over my low CD4 count but an ok CD4 percentage.

Hi, I was diagnosed in October 2007 and unfortunately a late presenter with a CD4 count of 03, Viral Load 54,000 and CD4 percentage of 1%.

Treatment Efavirenz and Abacavir/Lamivudine started immediately.

Over the last 3 years on this one treatment my VL has remained at less than 40copies, absolute CD4 count between 119-140 and CD4 percentage between 19-24%.

My question is with such a constant low CD4 count (119-140) why is my CD4 percentage (19-24%) doing ok, as read of others reporting having high CD4 counts 300-400 with these percentages?

Also, when I was diagnosed my VL was relatively low at 37,000 then 54,00 copies on the 2nd blood test, I don’t understand why the HIV destroyed my immune system so quickly to a CD4 of 03, as I often read of other people having VL in the millions.

My doctor also says that my CD4 count WILL NEVER go above 200 now

My girlfriend has just found out she has HIV, could I also be positive?

I have been with my new girlfriend for 3 months now. For the first month we were using condoms. From the second month we had regular unprotected sex. Two days ago (on the 1st December). My girl friend’s HIV test results came back positive. My results came back negative. I am very scared that I might have contracted the virus and that my next test will be positive.

When is a HIV positive person infectious? What are the possibilities that I will still test HIV negative after three months? Is there any preventive treatment that I can take to prevent the possibility of becoming HIV positive after being exposed to the virus for more then a month?

Should I worry about my CD4 count result?


Hello Dr

What would be the cause of this significant drop? On this day,
8/7/2010 my CD4 count was 460, with a viral load of less than 40, and CD4% 19. Then after I took my last shot of Hepatitis B vaccination on 27/7/2010 and continued my exercise as usual. I went for another lab test which came out with surprising result, CD4 333, VL less than 40 CD4% 18. Though I knew that CD4 due fluctuate but this is a huge drop. Should I worry for this result.?

What do CD4 count and CD4% results mean?


Hello there,

My nephew started treatment with Stocrin (Efavirenz) and Combivir with a T CD4% of 10.3 % and ABS CD4 170 cells/UL. and a viral load of 714049. After six weeks of treatment his CD4% is 15.6% and ABS CD4 134 cell/UL., viral load 267.

His doctor said the treatment is working for him. I would nevertheless appreciate your comments and opinion. Why is the ABS CD4 170 when the CD4% is 10.3 but comes down to 134 despite the increase in CD4% to 15.6?

I look forward to your reply.

Thank you so much.

When should I test again?


For two months I had unprotected sex with an HIV positive partner. Six weeks and eight weeks later I had two HIV tests and both came back negative. The last one was a BioLine HIV 1/2 3, 4th Generation and I do no remember what the first one was. Should I go on testing and when?

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