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Can I work out when I was infected from my CD4 count?

I have recently been screened as HIV-1 positive. My CD4 count was 114 (11 %) and had a viral load of 1200000 on September 5, 2011. As I had herpes zoster this summer and very low CD4 count my therapist suggested that I might have been infected some 6 years ago. I immediately started ARV therapy: Kaletra (lopinavir 200mg + ritonavir 50 mg) 2*2 a day and combivir (lamivudin 150 mg + zidovudin 300 mg) 2*1 a day. After one month of treatment now my CD4 count was 236 (17 %). I developed no symptoms my lungs and organs are all okay.

Is it possible that the extremely high load of virus means that my infection is a recent one or on the basis of the CD4 count it is really a six year one?

On the basis of the diagram ( plotted in your issue here) on the expected increase of CD4 cells when starting treatment at 114 this is something of a good piece of news, as it should be this after one year. Does this increase mean anything?

Thank you for your answer and thank you for being here.

What is the outlook for my 51 year old father?

My father is about 51 years age and is HIV positive with cd4 count 117 and viral load is 117000. Now he got some skin infection and being treated and also taking hiv medicines. after starting his HIV treatment his WBC count increased from 4200 to 8100 within 15days of treatment. what does it mean. Will he able to survive ? Please help with answer and suggestions.

Will PEP delay seroconversion?

Will PEP delay the course of seroconversion if someone has contracted HIV?

How many weeks after exposure will the result of the HIV test let someone be really sure if that person took PEP post exposure, some references said that the delay could be up to 2 years post exposure?

We do appreciate the amount of time and energy you guys spend here to educate the world, Thank you.

Can my partner in the UK switch from Triomune?

My partner has been taking Triomune-30 since Jan 2011 after a CD4 count of 135.

After additional tests in the UK and a CD4 count of 153 and viral load of 133, the doctor wants to recommend a new drug because they said the UK doesnt prescribe stavudine.

Is it ok to change meds and what are the likely effects of that? Also do u know what the medication is likely to be?

Alcohol with Atripla?

I was dignosed 2months ago, and I started with treatment about 6 months ago. I am on Atripla but I just had 2 glasses of alcohol last week and yesterday I had a bottle of cider am just worried if this might affect my progress…please advise as am nervous. I make sure i dont miss my pill every night and i have not expirienced any side effect so far.

What are the symptoms of rash with efavirenz used in PEP?

What are the typical efavirenz-induced rash characteristics ?

Under PEP, suffered vast diffuse (75% body surface) macular rash mostly at the back and extremities, erythematous, warm, very itchy, relieved by topical corticosteroid cream, lasted only for 5-6 days, with no other typical acute HIV seroconversion symptoms.

Would you please kindly describe what is the typical characteristics of ARS rash ? Thank you very much.

Will ARVs still work if my partner’s CD4 count is 75?

My boyfriend just recently found out that his CD4 count is 75 and the doctor told him that it’s too late and that the ARVs might not work.
– How true is that?

– And could I be the cause of his breakdown because I have been on ARVs for the past 4 months and he didn’t want to take the pills and continued to have sex without the use of a condom.

– Now he blames me and says I’ll be the cause of his death. Am I really?

Should my friend start ARVs with their TB meds?

My friend was dignosed with hiv and TB about two months ago and was very sick. Her cd4 count was 38 and was immediately put on TB treatment for 6 months. Her condition has since improved although she sometimes complains from aching feet.

She is not keen on commencing arv’s and prefers to use boosters. My questions are; will TB meds alone improve her cd4 count? Is it safe to use boosters while on TB meds? Does she have to wait until she is off TB meds before commencing arv’s or she can take them together? I am in South Africa.

Do I continue ARVs after my pregnancy?

Hi guys. I am hiv + and 37 weeks pregnant. I am so scared as I don’t know what to expect. I am currently taking aspen lamzid (AZT/3TC) and Aluvia (lopinavir/r), will I be required to continue with the medication after my baby is born?

My cd4 is 480 and I only started taking medication after I found out that I was pregnant.

The med was giving me diarhea in the beginning, will this affect my baby or will the med do the same to my infant? Please help as am worried.

Can someone get travel insurance with HIV and hepC?

hello, its been awhile since i’ve visited this site but that’s good as i’ve not had any worries of questions untill now. I’m hiv positive and have also hep c so i need a insurance company who will cover myself with both at the moment i cant find one whom will take me on with both many will as far i i can see with just the hiv side but I am unable to find one that covers both. Any idea? remembering i can’t just ring these up and ask direct since they as all insurance will ask my details before even entering into a dislcosure of what and why of the policies…

Can laser hair removal be used by someone on HIV meds?

I am thinking of getting some laser hair removal and would like to see if there is any medical reason why this may not be advisable? I ask as I have read that people on some medication (eg vitamin A for example) should not have it. Many thanks for your advice. I am on Truvada, atazanavir & ritonavir and tolerating this combo well.

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