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Could my husband have been HIV positive for years without realising it?

My husband has just tested hiv positive. About 4 years ago he began losing weight, urinating for much longer, feeling tired and weak, when we went to the doctor he was diagnosed with having diabetes. At that time he did not get tested for HIV.

Could it be that he was HIV positive at the time as well and we were just under the impression that he was diabetic only?

His CD4 count is now 576. He used to keep fit by gyming a lot, Could this have helped him keep his CD 4 count higher.

Nevirapine in the UK: nevirapine PR or doubling the old dose?

I’m currently taking nevirapine (Viramune) twice a day and Truvada (tenofovir+FTC) once a day. I asked my clinic if they would be getting the new Viramune PR tablets (so i could take this once a day) in but they said it was unlikely as most people take 2 tablets of the standard once a day.

I am thinking about taking 2 tabs of nevirapine once a day but i hear that in some people then this means that the levels of nevirapine in the blood might not be enough over a 24 hour period.

I’m worried that by changing to taking it once a day i would develop resistance to it if my levels were not high enough at the end of the dose.

What do you advise with regards to taking the standard nevirapine once a day. I don’t think the clinic will be getting the long acting ones in so i won’t be able to take them instead.

My consultant found some fat on my liver. Should I be worried?

Started meds (Isentress and Truvada) in November 11 and am now undetectable and CD4 595. I recently had a liver scan and the results showed some deposits of fat on my liver. I am not co-infected with any hepatitis, not over weight and my recent cholesterol was 4.1 and I drink in moderation.

My consultant didn’t seem that concerned and said that he would monitor it. I would welcome your view on what is causing this to happen, what can I do to improve/reverse it and what are the medium/long term risks to my health?

Is my consultant right not to be concerned?

My partner’s viral load has increased slightly. Should I be worried?

Hi there,

I wonder if you could answer a general question. My partner has been on treatment for over two years and undetectable for over a year.

He had a viral load of 54 over a month ago so they re-tested and it came back at 64 copies/mL.

Should we be worried, or is a double blip; Is this reasonably common?

They have called him back for further testing next week. Any thoughts or info would be greatly appreciated….many thanks in advance.

Can I develop resistance if I missed 4 days of Atripla?

I have been taking Atripla for about 2 years now, not missing one day. My Viral Load is Undetectable, and CD4 Count is near 500.

My question is this.

This past friday I had to renew my prescription to Atripla and my local pharmacy couldn’t get in touch with my doctor, so i was without my meds until tuesday when she got back, so that left me 4 days without meds. I finally got some, and now back on schedule.

Do you think there is a chance I could develop resistance?

Does the medication I am taking cause lipoatrophy?


Infected within the last 2 years and started treatment early (cd4 495) on isentress and truvada, was undetectable in 6 weeks, cd4 went up to 595 and cd4% 34%. No side effects and full adherance. The challenge now is living with HIV and what the future may hold. I’ve read a lot about lipoatrophy and get mixed messages. Some say it is a thing of the past linked with the older meds and some say it happens with the newer meds. I just wondered what your opinion on this was and in particular how worried shoud I be.

You do a wonderful job which is very much appreciated.


My partner tested HIV positive, am I positive too?

I have been with someone for 5 years. We have a baby who is 2 yrs old now.

My partner got sick and ended up in the hospital. A week later the health department called. He went in and they told him he was HIV positive.

I however show no signs or symptoms and neither does my baby. I tested negative when I was pregnant. I therefore had no reason to think this was the cause of his sickness.

Can I possibly be HIV positive?

How long will my wife need to take ARVs?

Hi doctor.
I tested HIV positive 3 yrs ago together with my wife. I took septrin for 2months before I stopped. From the onset I took CD4 count and it was 465; the 2nd was 543; the 3rd was 650; the 4th was 770; the 5th was 861 and the last one I took two weeks ago was 940. The same case my wife who now has 897 up from 360.

She is on ARVS because we are trying to concieve. My question is, what are the risks of my wife stopping taking the ARVS? Or for how long will she take the Arvs?

We have not been using any protection. What are the risks?

My husband tested positive – why am I still negative?

My husband and I have been together for 6 years. Recently his sister tested HIV positive. As a result we thought it would be best just to have ourselves tested. Since we’ve been together I have tested myself 4 times and have been negative. I have also had a baby two years ago and still tested negative. My husband has never had himself tested as he thought that if I was negative he was also negative.

Last week he tested positive and I still tested negative. His CD4 count is 576, the doctor says he has a healthy count as a person that does not have HIV and therefore does not need to start treatment. My husband says that he has no idea on how he contacted the virus as he has been faithful to me all this time.

I some how find that hard to believe. He says he has probably had it before he met me and never knew. Is that possible? How long would it take for the count to reach 576 or has he been infected recently? Please help…

What is causing me diarrhoea and joint pain?


I was diagnosed with HIV in June 2011 while pregnant and I gave birth to an HIV negative baby in Nov. I am taking Alluvia and Lamzid. I only experienced runny tummy during the first 2 weeks of taking the medication.

Of late, I’ve been experiencing a runny tummy, muscle and joint aches as well as weight loss. I need to know what could be the cause of these health concerns.

Thank You

Is it possible that I have TB without any symptoms?

I had a persistent cough last year after about of PCP which is when I was diagnosed. The cough has now gone away. Since then I have been taking darunavir/ritonavir and truvada and also co-trimoxazole prophylaxis.

My HIV consultant referred me back to the respiratory physician because of my cough and did many tests since. Regular X-rays and bronchoscopy. Nothing has been cultured and I have no symptoms of TB apart from a not normal chest X-ray. He, however, seems convinced and wants to treat me which would complicate matters enormously because of the interactions involved and would probably mean changing from a regime which I tolerate well and find easy to follow.

I have heard horror stories with efavirenz and I’m not keen to use it.

Is it possible that I have TB (it’s very prevalent around here) without any symptoms and do I need treatment for it right now if it’s latent?

I'm worrying about reports of higher risk of HIV and cancer…

I have carried out some considerable research since my pos diagnosis in Dec 2011 regarding the high probability of contracting some form of cancer compared with a neg person. Frankly it has left me feeling petrified as it appears that meds are helping us to live longer but only to massively increase our chances of getting cancer. I am really thankful for antiretrovirals but now feel that a poz diagnosis really is a death sentence in one way or another.

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