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How can I prevent muscle wasting?


I’ve been positive since November ’09 after seroconversion in October ’09. Since then my CD4 count has been between 500 and 700, my viral load between 20K and 50K and my CD4% has never been below 28%. I eat healthy and well, cycle every day and gym three times a week. I am not on meds yet.

My question is about pre HIV treatment and muscle wasting, to what degree of muscle wasting am I likely to suffer and how can I prevent or reduce this?


Is my premature ejaculation related to HIV?

I have been HIV positive for more than 6 years and am still without any treatment. Recently I am facing a challenge with sex – early ejaculation. Can this be connected with the virus? How can I be free of this problem if this is the place to ask such a question, please provide me your usual help!

Thank you

My CD4 count is good but I am ill – is this normal?


I’m a 30 year old male. Diagnosed last April, 2010 with a CD4 count of 360. In January of this year my CD4 count was 415. I’m not on medication.

However, over the last 4 months, I am getting consistently ill. I had flu (despite getting the flu jab) in December and spent 10 days in bed, and then caught a secondary infection (headaches) a few days after recovering from the flu. Since then I regularly have throat infections, fevers, flu-like symptoms, headaches and have had several courses of antibiotics, and many a week spent poorly in bed.

Is this normal and therefore something I need to get used to?

My CD4 count didn't go above 150, how long have I got to live?

How long do I have, honestly?

I have been diagnosed positive for just over 3.5yrs presenting at 35yrs of age with shingles and a CD4 count less than 05. My health has remained fairly stable since diagnosis, apart from 2 episodes of abnormal cell growth (Intraepelithial neoplasia PIN/AIN), but I have been unable to increase my CD4 count over 150 and the CD4 % remains low between 15-19% with HAART therapy.

I am just wondering, truthfully how long a person can be expected to live with constantly low immunity?

Everyone keeps saying to me ‘well, I could get run over by a bus tomorrow’ but this doesn’t help my situation, nor can this statement be compared to living with a long term condition.

Thanks in advance.

Should I start HIV meds now I have a co-infection?

I am HIV positive with good CD4 over 700 without treatment. I discovered this recently and probably I got it also not long time ago. My problem is that now I have likely picked up a hepatitis infection and my platelet count is around 30,000 and dropping quickly.

Is the dropping of platelets due to HIV or hepatitis?
Is it better to cure this with cortisone or start HIV therapy?


Should I worry about an Atripla dose that is 4 hours late?

I was diagnosed with HIV just barely over a year ago. Because my CD4 count was low my doctor prescribed Atripla.

Within 3-4 months of being on the drug my CD4 count had jumped up to over 800 (from 370) and my viral load dropped to undetectable. I’ve been taking it really carefully and on-time or within an hour and my last labs showed that my CD4 count was reconstituted and my VL was still undetectable.

Last night I had my first blunder. I went out to a birthday party with at a friends house and I forgot my pill at home. It was about 4 hours late. Could this mishap unravel all work I had done to keep my CD4 up?

My husband is undetectable, can he still infect me?

My husband tested HIV positive 3 1/2 years ago. He is on treatment and has been undetectable for the last 3 years. I tested negative at the time and have retested every year since and continue to be negative. We have used condoms for intercourse, but we would like to stop using them. What are the chances of my contracting the virus from him at this point if we did stop using condoms?

I have a high viral load and my headache is getting worse

I am HIV positive and have got a very high viral load my problem is two days ago I developed a mildish headache and woke up with an even worse one that during the day go worse. By the next day it felt like my skull was been squeezed folled by sensivety to all light. By now my neck feels stiff and the pain to the back left of my head is unbearable and I can’t put my head down with the pain been very bad.

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