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Is it safe to take TB medication with my ARVs?

Hi. I am HIV positive and on ART for 10 months. My viral load is undetectable level and CD4 count is 180 . Last month I was suffering form breathing problems. Then I went to the doctor and and found fluid in my lungs. They removed that and now they prescribed me TB medicines along with ART. My art medicine is; Tavin EM -Tenofovovir And Emtricitabine (morning ); Atazor R -Atazanavir and Ritonovir (Evening) and ZOCOn 150 1 tab in a weak and sepmax one tab at afternoon. My TB Medicine is 1) Ributin150 1 tab alternate day Before breakfast; 2)Wysolone 20 after bf for 15 days; 3)Benadon ( half tab after bf); 4) Pyrazinamide 750 2 tab after lunch; 5) Combutol 1000 1 tab after dinner.

My question is, along with ART medicine, is this combination good for me or is it going to harm me? Please let me know.

Is medication affecting my partner's sex drive?

Hello doctor
Happy xmas and new year in advance. I just want to take this time to thank you for the time you devote to answering all of our questions. May God bless you and your colleagues amen.
Anyway something has been disturbing me for a long time concerning my partner.
We are both hiv+ for four years now but what worries me is that she never wants to exercise and her cholesterol is increaseing gradullay to 240 and treglyceride also same.
I also want to know why she doesn’t want to have sex with me again. When I asked her she said she doesn’t have feelings anymore or there’s no sexual urge in her.
So what can she do or any test that she can run to find the solution for it? She’s currently taking sustiva and truvada. Tthanks.

Is this normal or am I depressed?

Is this normal? I don’t care if I live or die, or become ill with HIV or get an opportunistic infection or if it’s fatal.

I’ve been diagnosed HIV for just over 4 years and wouldn’t say I am particularly depressed, but I don’t care about myself, my life, I eat crap takeaways all the time and generally abuse my body.

I am detached from any emotions or feelings towards anyone or anything, and I really don’t care if I catch any resistant HIV strains or become secondary infected etc or if I live or die, or how my family would feel if I did die.

Does pregnancy affect HIV test results?

I just found out that pregnancy can cause false positive results.

How true is that?

The reason I am asking is because I just found out that my wife is HIV positive and pregnant. We have been together for 7 years now and I have tested more than once and yet the results for me are still negative.

How is this possible?

My new combination gave me folliculistis – what can I do to relieve the symptoms?

I started a new combination a month ago – Etravirine, Maraviroc, Atazanavir and Ritonovir. I’m experiencing folliculitis on my shoulders and the top of my chest and back. The doctor said that it may be due to a sharp rise in CD4 count. I don’t know my CD4 count results, just my viral load is undetectable. What can I do to alleviate these symptoms? Its quite itchy too.

My CD4 and viral load has risen lately – should I be concerned?

My CD4 values this year have been: Jan – 229, May – 350, Jun – 436, Oct – 500 but in Dec it was back to just below 300.

My viral load count has been: Jan – 29, May – 32, Jun – 60, Oct – 37 and finally in Dec – 142 so the highest it has been this year and well above detectable levels.

The results do not sit easilly with me; do I have reason to be concerned as well as of course, naturally disappointed?

How do I help my partner that infected me?

I have been living with HIV for about 12 months now. I am only being worried and scared now. I feel like my life is so over as me and my boyfriend we are fighting constantly. He’s now taking ARVs. Because of all the stress and all the fighting I don’t know how to support him as he infected me. He knew that he was positive yet he still slept with me without using a condom. I so sometime hate him.

Why is my husband HIV negative when I am pregnant and HIV positive?

Hi , I am 36, married, and pregnant and have just found out that I am HIV positive, with CD4 of 239.

My question is I never get sick or have any symptoms that I am infected, so now I am worried that I maybe too late to start treatment, because they told me that I need to start when my CD4 count is about 350.

My mind still adjusting to the news cos its only weeks find out I am positive but I have the reason to live that is why I accept that life goes on, its the matter of changing lifestyle and live good healthy life style.

My other worry is that my husband tested 6 months ago and he said he tested negative, checking from that time do you think he lied to me about his result because now I six month pregnant and positive. Is it possible to check when I have contracted this pandemic?

Do I need to continue taking cotrimoxazole prophylaxis?

hi i am hiv+ since 12 years …m Using ARV medication since 9 month .. my viral load is under undetectable level and cd4 is 175 and I’m taking Tavin-M (tenofovir+FTC) and Atazor-R (atazanavir) my dr giving me Becosules Z and Sepmax (cotimoxazole) daily one tablet and Zocon 150 (acyclovir) one tablet in a weak … want to know why he is giving me extra tablets ?.. I don’t like Sepmax can I discontinue this tablet?

Is a viral load "blip" caused by stress?

My doctor just called me now that my viral load is 94. I have been undetectable for years so I am worried. I have taken my medication everyday not missing a single dose but I have not been consistent with the time as i might be 3hours late but that was only for 3weeks, however I have been consistent with time just minutes late sometime. Please can u tell me the reason for the blip? I have been so stressed with work, school, relationship problem for months and I have been seriously depressed. can it have an impact in the result?

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