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Can I still have a relationship?

Will I continue to progress slowly?

If my boyfriend’s positive does that mean I am too?

Will I need to tell the dental hospital about my HIV status?

My partner tested positive and we’ve not had sex for a month?

Will updates on cure research help my sadness?

Do HIV positive people need to reduce stress?

Should I treat hep C if I have coinfection with HIV?

Could my husband have been positive for many years?

What does CCR5 virus mean in relation to using maraviroc?

Can I take goldenseal with Atripla?

What does a low but detectable viral load mean?

Can I get PrEP on the NHS to help us conceive?

My CD4 has dropped from 900 to 600, should I worry?

Can I get pregnant with only one fallopian tube?

Are condoms effective protection against herpes?

Can my insurer tell anyone I’m positive?

I take Atripla in the morning – why am I tired?

Which ARV is better- darunavir or atazanavir?

Can foods increase my CD4 count?

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