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Should I start taking statins?


I am 54 and have been positive for almost three years.

I choose to start treatment five months ago and went undetectable shortly afterwards and my CD4 is currently 595, I am taking isentress and truvada.

I read with interest information about statins and am considering asking my consultant to go on them.

If I do start to take a statin which one would you recommend is best for me.

I read that the benefits of statins are cholesterol-lowering (my last cholesterol result was 4.1), reduced immune activation and inflammation and a significant reduction in the risk of some cancers.

What I am not sure about are the side effects/harm statins can do and whether the long term use will significantly adversely affect my quality of life.

Any information you can give would be very welcome. Thanks

How bad is it to have diabetes and HIV together?

I am a 30 years old woman .I have been HIV positive since 2009 and on combination treatment. Currently my viral load is undetectable and my CD4 count is above 500.

I just had a baby girl last month. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes while pregnant.

Now that I have the baby, I have been asked to have a glucose tolerance test done to check whether it was just during the pregnancy or if I could be at risk of diabetes.

My question is being HIV positive, how bad it is to have diabetes also? And what types of treatment will I have be put on? Basically I would just like to know quite enough about the condition, just to be prepared.

Thank you.

I am HIV negative. How do I support my positive husband?

My husband has recently tested HIV positive. I have tested HIV negative. He is afraid that if we have intercourse there is the risk of me becoming positive.

The doctor has suggested using protection, however he is still not comfortable with that suggestion, he does not want to risk my health. Basically, he does not want to have intercourse anymore, he is afraid that we both will become positive even with the use of protection.

How do I support him in his decision, or do we look at divorce. He feels that he would rather divorce me than to take any risks on my health. I do not want to pressure him or give him anymore stress than he already has.

What do I do? Can a sexless marriage be healthy?

Why do CD4 counts sometimes not return to normal levels?

When lucky enough to reach an undetectable level why cant your immune system repair itself bringing the CD4 count replenishing levels back to as before contracting HIV, if there is no longer any attack being made by the virus?

A lot of people submitting posts on this site appear to have reported massive increases from very low starting counts after antiretroviral treatment,

Thanks for a great site.

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