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Can I expect any more serious reactions from my new meds?

Can I expect any more serious reactions from my new meds?

I have had HIV for approx 15 years and just recently began treatment, my CD4 was still 650 and my VL 300, however I want to try for a baby with my HIV neg husband and so began treatment.

On day 9 of Atripla I experienced a severe rash, 24 hours later it was so bad that the doctors switched me immediately to Truvada, atazanavir and ritonavir. Im starting to heal from the rash but am worried about a delayed reaction to the new drugs. (I felt fine on Atripla for the first week…)

Am I likely to have an allergic reaction from these new drugs if I had one to the other type

Does this mean that I will be drug resistant to all of the other NNRTs since they switched efavirenz out? And does this mean that my medication options have been limited?

Will this dual combination work given the drug resistance results?

Hi. I was diagnosed in April 2016 with a VL of 6,300 and CD4 of 490.

I went on Atripla in early May 2016, when my VL was 23,000. My genotypic resistance test came back with low – to – intermediate resistance to NRTIs. My doctor shifted me to dolutegravir + darunavir + ritonavir starting end May 2016.

She said this is now the recommendation for NRTI-resistant patients in the UK. Is this correct? What is the likely efficacy of the dual therapy regimen I am on? How does it compare to Atripla – like triple therapy?

What is the likelihood of having developed NNRTI resistance as well, given that I was on one month of efavirenz – mono therapy ?

Will syphilis treatment make HIV treatment cause a late rash?

Syphilis treatment : penicillin 2.4m one shot

I was tested positive for syphilis test at the end of May (I was negative in February) so I was given a 2.4m penicillin shot. At that time I had some red spots on palms and body, perhaps about 5-10 percent coverage. After the shot, I suffered reactions for about 8 hours.

I was then recovering until 2.5 weeks later, my body started developing drug rash (whole body, about 60 percent, mostly frontal body) and red spots covering my palms (about 20 percent).

I am wondering did my HIV treatment fail or is that something else? I am currently only on Atripla and the rash is very similar to what I had when I first started this medication.

My question are, would the rash resurface after few weeks if the treatment works? Is this normal? Or did my syphilis mutate? Would penicillin affect my immunity and I am going through the Atripla rash phase like I first started ? My skin has been quite dry and it sometimes will get itchy if I don’t stay in air-condiioned rooms.

I am now given doxycycline for 2 weeks and this is now the second day.

I really appreciate cause it is bothering me very much. Thank you for your help.

How quickly does viral load drop on treatment?

I’ve been trying to understand on average, the daily rate of decrease in viral load following initial treatment.

I’m guessing that this changes over time and varies from case to case according to the chosen treatment, CD4 count and viral load level and possibly other factors.

However, supposing that the viral load is around 100,000, the CD4 count is around 400 and the treatment used is Atripla, could anyone please let me know the expected % decrease of viral load level per day at least within the 1st month of treatment?

Thank you for the help.

FAQs on efavirenz

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Can you talk about fatty liver and also changing treatment?

I have been diagnosed HIV positive since January 2013 and soon after, from March 2013 until today I was put on medication (Atripla) as part of a newly diagnosed cohort. My infection was estimated to have taken place in summer 2012.

CD4 count was 380 when I started the medication and rose gradually to current number 753 whilst having undetectable viral load.

Recently I was told by my doctor that I might have fatty liver as part of routine blood tests and this was confirmed by ultrasound examination as well as with cholesterol above 6. How serious is this and what should expect next? I have sourced information on internet indicating that fatty liver can give rise to cirrosis and this is what I m very worried about. Can I live with this condition and manage it with diet or should I do anything else?

Doctor mentioned statins but the question I got is if I need to switch to other medication. Besides Atripla was never an easy drug for me as I started initially with development rash in the first month, which was resoled then, but other daily debilitating symptoms such as daily diarrhoea bouts and/or gas and red eyes at work continue until today.

I hear that other people live normal lives once stable on medication but obviously gas and very loose stools do not contribute to my normal life. In addition I have to deal with fatty live which scares me a lot now.

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