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How quickly does viral load drop on treatment?

I’ve been trying to understand on average, the daily rate of decrease in viral load following initial treatment.

I’m guessing that this changes over time and varies from case to case according to the chosen treatment, CD4 count and viral load level and possibly other factors.

However, supposing that the viral load is around 100,000, the CD4 count is around 400 and the treatment used is Atripla, could anyone please let me know the expected % decrease of viral load level per day at least within the 1st month of treatment?

Thank you for the help.

FAQs on efavirenz

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FAQs on side effects

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Can you talk about fatty liver and also changing treatment?

I have been diagnosed HIV positive since January 2013 and soon after, from March 2013 until today I was put on medication (Atripla) as part of a newly diagnosed cohort. My infection was estimated to have taken place in summer 2012.

CD4 count was 380 when I started the medication and rose gradually to current number 753 whilst having undetectable viral load.

Recently I was told by my doctor that I might have fatty liver as part of routine blood tests and this was confirmed by ultrasound examination as well as with cholesterol above 6. How serious is this and what should expect next? I have sourced information on internet indicating that fatty liver can give rise to cirrosis and this is what I m very worried about. Can I live with this condition and manage it with diet or should I do anything else?

Doctor mentioned statins but the question I got is if I need to switch to other medication. Besides Atripla was never an easy drug for me as I started initially with development rash in the first month, which was resoled then, but other daily debilitating symptoms such as daily diarrhoea bouts and/or gas and red eyes at work continue until today.

I hear that other people live normal lives once stable on medication but obviously gas and very loose stools do not contribute to my normal life. In addition I have to deal with fatty live which scares me a lot now.

Should I worry about IRIS if I started Viraday when my CD4 was 10?

Hello there

I found out I was HIV positive in January 2015. My viral load was 414,000 and my CD4 was 10. I am not having any symptoms nothing except the skin rash.

I started my HIV medicine (Viraday) a week ago and i felt the side effects. Am I now in any danger ?

My doctors said that I am not, and that everything is good thing and it just needs time.

I’ve read all the questions above but still i wanted to ask how much does it take to increase my CD4 and about the IRIS. If IRIS is gonna happen, after how long from starting the medicine does it come?

Thank you a lot.

Will switching from Tribuss to Trivenz give me efavirenz side effects again?

My medical aid want to change my ARV supply from Tribuss to Trivenz because it is cheaper.

I was diagnosed a year ago and was put on tribuss ever since. The only problems I had with tribuss was when I took it for the first time, I went through a lot of side effects and I am just afraid that I will have to go through the same experience when changing medications.

Tribuss also brought my life back to normality after a very serious illness that is the reason I do not want to agree with this decision.

I also want to send my thanks from South Africa for all the good advice.

Can I use Odimune as PEP?

A condom broke during intercourse, now for safety measures I bought Odimune tablets and started taking them just to be on the safer side. Can I be assured that Odimune will prevent me from the infection of HIV? The side effects of Odimune are terrible.

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