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Should I worry about IRIS if I started Viraday when my CD4 was 10?

Hello there

I found out I was HIV positive in January 2015. My viral load was 414,000 and my CD4 was 10. I am not having any symptoms nothing except the skin rash.

I started my HIV medicine (Viraday) a week ago and i felt the side effects. Am I now in any danger ?

My doctors said that I am not, and that everything is good thing and it just needs time.

I’ve read all the questions above but still i wanted to ask how much does it take to increase my CD4 and about the IRIS. If IRIS is gonna happen, after how long from starting the medicine does it come?

Thank you a lot.

Will switching from Tribuss to Trivenz give me efavirenz side effects again?

My medical aid want to change my ARV supply from Tribuss to Trivenz because it is cheaper.

I was diagnosed a year ago and was put on tribuss ever since. The only problems I had with tribuss was when I took it for the first time, I went through a lot of side effects and I am just afraid that I will have to go through the same experience when changing medications.

Tribuss also brought my life back to normality after a very serious illness that is the reason I do not want to agree with this decision.

I also want to send my thanks from South Africa for all the good advice.

Are these side effects from Atroiza?

Am a 19 yr old girl I just foundout that am HIV+ and am pregnant.

I started taking Atroiza but since I started I hardly sleep. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and have a bad headache when I ask nurse she say its part of treatment. Is it Atroiza doing this or what?

I know HIV can’t be cured and I doing this for my unborn baby because if I die who wil raised her/him?

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