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Will switching from Tribuss to Trivenz give me efavirenz side effects again?

My medical aid want to change my ARV supply from Tribuss to Trivenz because it is cheaper.

I was diagnosed a year ago and was put on tribuss ever since. The only problems I had with tribuss was when I took it for the first time, I went through a lot of side effects and I am just afraid that I will have to go through the same experience when changing medications.

Tribuss also brought my life back to normality after a very serious illness that is the reason I do not want to agree with this decision.

I also want to send my thanks from South Africa for all the good advice.

Are these side effects from Atroiza?

Am a 19 yr old girl I just foundout that am HIV+ and am pregnant.

I started taking Atroiza but since I started I hardly sleep. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and have a bad headache when I ask nurse she say its part of treatment. Is it Atroiza doing this or what?

I know HIV can’t be cured and I doing this for my unborn baby because if I die who wil raised her/him?

Did erectile dysfunction drugs cause viral load increase?

I am a married man and was diagnosed 3 years ago. I have been receiving support from my spouse and she is negative and tested negative. I was on ARVs and started Atripla about a year ago.

My CD4 and viral load was undetectable since January 2013. I went for a checkup in July and it shot up to 2000. I have not missed a single dose of Atripla, but maybe when I was taking it was a hour apart and not exactly the same time.

My doctor said I should take it the same time everyday. I was scared to mention to the doctor that I did go to the local men’s health clinic for erectile dysfunction and they gave me some nose drops to take to help with that. I did not tell them my status cos I was embarrassed.

I want to know will me taking any medication for erectile dysfunction affect my viral load. Also I came across a gel or tablet called kamagra gel, which can be used for erectile dysfunction. Can I take that and will it affect my viral load and CD4 count? Will taking any medication for erectile dysfunction affect my viral load as I am on Atripla and am happy with the Atripla. I don’t have any side effects. My viral load and CD4 count was undetected for the past 2 and a half years until this year July when I went for my checkup and blood test. I am 41 yrs old.

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