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Why am I being given generics?

I have been on Atripla for over 2 years, have responded really well to it and never had any serious side effects, I was called by the clinic yesterday to learn that the NHS was no longer funding Atripla for me and that I would have to take the same combination therapy in the form of 2 tablets. This seems like a step backwards for me and I feel a bit disappointed as such, what are my options? I was most happy with Atripla as it meant taking only one table.

Can I reduce the drugs I take?

I am 42 years old and been HIV+ since 1985. I have resistance to a lot of drugs that I have taken in the past but I have been undetectable since 2005. 

My current regime is etravirine, raltegravir, Truvada and darunavir/ritonavir – it is all twice daily apart from the Truvada. I am switching Truvada to Descovy next week as being on Truvada for over ten years is causing osteoporosis and my kidney function is suffering badly. My tablet count is nine a day. 

My appetite is up and down and have always struggled to maintain my weight. I am fed up of feeling nauseous and never enjoying food. I have looked at a French study that happened last year about doing four days of meds and three days off. Everyone who took part in this study remained undetectable.

Basically I am fed up of taking such a large dose of drugs everyday. I did have AIDS in 2004 and been undetectable without any blips since 2005. Why does a fully suppressed virus need to be hammered with such large doses of drugs everyday.  People forget how toxic these drugs are long term.  I feel that the least amount of drugs I have to take is obviously better for my body and long term health. Any advice of information would be welcome.

When should I take tribuss?

I was diagnosed late October 2016 and I started my meds on 1 Nov 2016. I’m on tribuss and was also given Purbac, hence my CD4 count is less than 300, . Its 276 to be exact and the number of viruses in my body are 10 000 . I’ve never got sick, I got I just decided to get tested.

I’m worried because I have missed my pill twice already, actually today is the 2nd day.

Does it cause any harm to take the pills during the day?
What is the right steps to follow when you want to change the time to take a pill?

Is it okay to take tribuss and eat afterwards? Does it become less effective?

I take my pills at 23H00 and now I want to take them at 21H00.

I’m traveling, when can I take my meds?

i take atripla before i go to sleep at midnight. If I go to another country with a 12 hr time difference i have to take the next dose at noon time.could i take half a tablet at noon and continue with a whole on at midnight until i return to my home country and repeat the process ?

10 most common questions…

About half of all the questions to i-Base are covered by the questions below. Please check this page before asking a question. If your question is covered by the topics below, we forward you to these answers first. Top questions Why doesn’t …

Will Tribuss always make me dizzy?

I’m 18 years and been diagnosed with HiV on August with a very high CD4 count.(above 600) I remember it was 901. I started with my treatment (Tribuss) on the 8th of November and when I woke up the next day I was very dizzy and not feeling normal the whole day and I slept most of it. So I skipped on the 9th cos I had an exam on the 10th, I was afraid I might be dizzy again. So my doctor said I should never again do that so I resumed on the 10th again and I’m still experiencing dizziness, I try tolerate and be strong hoping it will blow over during the day but it doesn’t. I stay dizzy the whole day till another dose, I don’t know how normal feels like anymore.

So please help me when will this stop? Will I ever be normal again? Or is dizziness something I’ll always encounter for as long as I take the medication?

Will I get infections if my CD4 count is 140?

Hi , I was diagnosed with HIV in September and commenced treatment one week later with a CD4 of 140 and viral load of 28,000.

What does this mean in terms of achieving undetectable viral load? I live a very active life with travel (work related) and lots of flights overseas. I am worried around catching an infection as my CD4 is very low, but yet I do not suffer illness and I am relatively fit ( run 3 x 6km per week). Any guidance / comments would be appreciated.

Questions from a pharmacist on PEP and choice of first ART?


1. What happens to the HIV that enters the cell after PEP is taken…..does it still circulate in the blood of the host and survives….is it possible that someone could be infectious after taking PEP, and after how many days does anybody become non-infectious after taking PEP.

2. while initiating ART, we usually recommend Atripla (TDF+FTC+EFV) as a first line med. but TDF is of high viral suppression power when compared to the other NRTIs…is it not possible some one started with Atripla, and develops resistance to it (due to adherence or any other reason) remains with out any other ART choices in the first line……could it be better if we start the patient with the other NRTIs and then move to Atripla when ever necessary?

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