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Will I get infections if my CD4 count is 140?

Hi , I was diagnosed with HIV in September and commenced treatment one week later with a CD4 of 140 and viral load of 28,000.

What does this mean in terms of achieving undetectable viral load? I live a very active life with travel (work related) and lots of flights overseas. I am worried around catching an infection as my CD4 is very low, but yet I do not suffer illness and I am relatively fit ( run 3 x 6km per week). Any guidance / comments would be appreciated.

Questions from a pharmacist on PEP and choice of first ART?


1. What happens to the HIV that enters the cell after PEP is taken…..does it still circulate in the blood of the host and survives….is it possible that someone could be infectious after taking PEP, and after how many days does anybody become non-infectious after taking PEP.

2. while initiating ART, we usually recommend Atripla (TDF+FTC+EFV) as a first line med. but TDF is of high viral suppression power when compared to the other NRTIs…is it not possible some one started with Atripla, and develops resistance to it (due to adherence or any other reason) remains with out any other ART choices in the first line……could it be better if we start the patient with the other NRTIs and then move to Atripla when ever necessary?

What are the most asked questions?

About half of all the questions to i-Base are covered by the questions below. Please check this page before asking a question. If your question is covered by the topics below, we forward you to these answers first. Top questions Why doesn’t …

Is my treatment causing my low energy?

I used to be active at the gym before I started with my treatment, (I started beginning of September). Now, the longest time I can spend at the gym is an hour, and i feel i have not worked out enough. Another thing is waking up in the morning is such a mission, and I don’t have energy to face the day anymore, I try to be as healthy as possible, I don’t drink energy drinks nor do I take energy supplements….

I’ve recently become positive and have questions..

On March this year I tested negative and in June I tested positive. My CD4 count is 446. Can I be infected in two months? How long does HIV take to show up. I’m now taking the med tribuss is that good in my health? It’s difficult for me to me to tell who I’m living with, what should I do? My husband tested but he tested negative and we have unsafe sex.

My mother has just been diagnosed, I have some questions..

I am From India. My mother has recently been diagnosed with HIV. She has been prescribed Trustiva OD.

What is the precaution for living together? Is there any possibility with mosquito bite or living together like contacting any dresses / soaps/ tooth brushes. Is touching the tables with hands any problems.

What tests should my mother expect? What are the side effects with the medicines?

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