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Can I change the time I take Odimune?


I’ve been taking Odimune in the mornings between 8:30 – 9 am for 6 days now and they make me feel dizzy all day.

I wanted to know if I change the time I’m taking them to maybe 9 pm everyday. Will there be a problem since I’ve just started a week ago?

Is Odimune safe in pregnancy?

I am an HIV positive woman and I am pregnant.

I have just received Odimune but I have a few concerns.

The leaflet which accompanies the batch states that Odimune is not recommended for pregnant women because safety and efficacy has not been established.

Is Odimune safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Questions about Tribuss

I was diagnosed with HIV in January 2013 during regular HIV testing. My CD4 count was 91 and my GP put me straight on Tribuss.

I’ve never been sick of any illness since July 2012. I’d like to know about Tribuss. What do I do if I forgot to take the pill and remember only the next day?

I have also been given Trixazole (Bactrim). Should I take the pill as well?

And what mult-vitamins will be good for me?

How can I stop feeling so worried all the time?

I have been diagnosed for a year now and I am on medication.

My viral load quickly went to undetectable and my CD4 count is 650.

I am prone to get colds. Everytime I get sick I worry that the cause is HIV. I fall into deep depression and worry. What can I do to overcome these anxieties?

I feel like a pest when I call the doctor’s office and am told I am fine, but I can’t get the feeling that I am a walking disease who is close to death out of my head. I pray for a cure every day.

What should I expect from starting Odimune?

I have been positive for 14 years without any complications, nothing.

A few months ago, I had some tingling started around my eyes and then a rash (not severe).

I decided it was time for treatment, visited the doctor, did the necessary tests (CD4 = 247) and (viral load = 12,000 copies).

Treatment regime = Odimune.

I researched this and am scared. Please explains what happens from here on with regards to HIV progression to AIDS, and what does odimune exactly do? Apart from the doc explains?

FAQs on efavirenz

These are the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about efavirenz (Sustiva). Are my mood changes because of Atripla? How long do efavirenz side effects last? Do I have to put up with efavirenz side effects? What are the alternatives to …

How quickly does viral load drop on treatment?

I’ve been trying to understand on average, the daily rate of decrease in viral load following initial treatment.

I’m guessing that this changes over time and varies from case to case according to the chosen treatment, CD4 count and viral load level and possibly other factors.

However, supposing that the viral load is around 100,000, the CD4 count is around 400 and the treatment used is Atripla, could anyone please let me know the expected % decrease of viral load level per day at least within the 1st month of treatment?

Thank you for the help.

How soon can I eat after taking Odimune?

I hear you say its advisable to take odimune (efavrienz+ FTC+ tenofovir) at bed time and its only taken on empty stomach, how long exactly should i stay away from food before taking it? The reason i am asking this is I can not starve the whole day before taking the tablet.

What can I do about my buffalo hump?

I started taking ARVs in 2004. I was on stavudine and I developed buffalo hump and the distribution of fats is abnormal. My
doctor changed me to Atripla. The distribution of fats is not remedied.

I now feel abnormal and have a low-self esteem and I’m too fat.

How can I remedy the situation. I’m embarrassed.

Please help me also curb my appetite, because I eat too much.

I'm planning to have a baby. Should I start taking ARVs?

Good day,

Thank you once again for your prompt response on my last email. I do still have a cloud of uncertainty about this disease I have and would really appreciate it if you could clarify a few things for me.

Firstly, I went to see a gynaecologist last year August who advised me to take ARVs. The reason for that was because I was ready to fall pregnant. My CD4 count was 1085 at the time and although very high the gynaecologist insisted that I take the ARVs and actually refused to help me unless I started treatment with immediate effect.

I decided to get a 2nd opinion because my GP was against her diagnosis. As I asked other medical doctors they advised that I did not need to take ARVs as the WHO indicated ARV treatment for patients who’s CD4 count is 350 or below.

My visits to that gynaecologist who insisted I take treatment were cancelled as I felt strong and wanted to wait till I become pregnant to start mother to child prevention, not a lifetime ARV treatment.

I have since tried to do a home insemination with my boyfriend who is HIV negative but it has since failed. I’m still not yet pregnant. Due to the stress I’ve been going through, my CD4 count unfortunately dropped to 635. My plan was to fall pregnant without taking ARVs, but I’m afraid that too is failing.

I’m sooo discouraged lately and am not sure whether to start taking ARVs despite my CD4 count still being above 350 or to persue falling pregnant and taking Nevarapine during pregnancy to protect my unborn child.

I’ve also bought the Atripla pills and the information pamphlet indicated a warning that they shouldn’t be taken if planning to fall pregnant and if currenctly pregnant. Which confused me even more because I am trying to fall pregnant. I’m scared that the longer I prolong the inevitability of taking ARVs the higher my risk will be of conceiving a healthy baby.

Kindly please help me… Should i start taking ARVs or not? And if so, why? Your response is once again appreciated. Thank you.

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