Other meds that are sometimes used

The following drugs are rarely used when starting ART.

ibalizumab – a monoclonal antibody

Ibalizumab is a new type of HIV treatment. This drug is an immune-based treatment that is given as an intravenous (IV) infusion every two weeks. It is only used for people with extensive drug resistance and whose current ART is failing.


Maraviroc (a CCR5 inhibitor) is usually only used in second-line treatment or in studies. Before using maraviroc you need a special test to check it is likely to work. This is to see whether your HIV uses CCR5.


Etravirine is used if you have resistance to other NNRTIs, often in combination with boosted darunavir.


Nevirapine is an NNRTI that is rarely used because of a risk of serious side effects when you first start. If you are already doing well on nevirapine, it is a very safe drug.

lopinavir/r (Kaletra) and fosamprenavir/r

Lopinavir/r (Kaletra) and fosamprenavir/r are older PIs that are no longer recommended in the UK.

tipranavir/r and T-20 (enfuvirtide)

Tipranavir/r and T-20 (enfuvirtide) used to only used by people with extensive drug resistance, but are unlikely to still be used now in the UK.

Last updated: 1 October 2019.