Q and A


Can COVID cause false-positive HIV test results?

Will the monkeypox (MPX) vaccine reduce symptoms?

How good is the monkeypox vaccine?

What do monkeypox spots look like?

Is my child at risk? They have symptoms of oral thrush?

Have I risked being undetectable?

Will the flu affect my blood work?

Are there new therapies for HIV/HBV co-infection?

Is it recommended for people living with HIV to get the shingles vaccine?

Has by ART failed?

Why is i-Base saying to not have sex during Pride?

How can I avoid monkeypox during Pride week?

Can I get an STI from my HIV positive partner?

Does HIV affect risks from monkeypox?

Am I at risk from monkeypox virus (MPV) on a trip to the US?

Will the flu reduce my CD4 count?

Do all HIV positive people need the fourth vaccine dose?

Skipping doses of Ilvitrim for my baby.

Is pus, pregnancy and HIV related?

I’m undetectable, but have discharge from my privates?

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