Q and A


What vaccines do I need?

Can I take my booster before Rifafour?

How long must I wait until I can have sex?

Can I pass on HIV if I am on malaria treatment?

Can I change the time of my ARVs?

Can ART work like PrEP?

Our baby has tuberculosis, does this mean they will be HIV positive?

Is Atrozia used to treat TB?

Do I need to take ARVs and TB medication when pregnant?

Do I have TB?

Why have i been given the TB med isoniazid?

Can Tribuss be given to someone with TB and pneumonia?

Should I take TB meds?

Could I infect my husband with TB?

Can COVID cause false-positive HIV test results?

Will the monkeypox (MPX) vaccine reduce symptoms?

How good is the monkeypox vaccine?

What do monkeypox spots look like?

Is my child at risk? They have symptoms of oral thrush?

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