Q and A


Can I get an STI from my HIV positive partner?

Does HIV affect risks from monkeypox?

Am I at risk from monkeypox virus (MPV) on a trip to the US?

Will the flu reduce my CD4 count?

Do all HIV positive people need the fourth vaccine dose?

Skipping doses of Ilvitrim for my baby.

Is pus, pregnancy and HIV related?

I’m undetectable, but have discharge from my privates?

Why do I still feel sick after being on ARVs for 2 weeks?

Why is my doctor prescribing me Dapsone?

Why have I been given Ilvitrim?

How long can I live with HIV?

Could health problems mean my viral load has rebounded?

Do HIV positive people need a third vaccine dose against COVID-19?

Can HIV+ people use the yellow fever vaccine? – and COVID-19 ?

Taking a double-dose of ART when pregnant plus other sores…

Can I switch to Biktarvy if I have both HIV and hepatitis B?

Can I switch to Biktarvy if I have HepB coinfection?

What is the best treatment for COVID-19?

Who approved the COVID-19 vaccines? Were the interests of my community represented?

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