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Coronavirus (CoV-2) and COVID-19

What are the main COVID-19 variants? How can they affect vaccine responses?

My viral load increased after COVID…

I have been taking Paxlovid wrong for the last week…

Do I need to take the full five days of Paxlovid?

Are there interactions between ivermectin and Atripla?

Can COVID cause false-positive HIV test results?

Can I take the COVID vaccine while on TLD?

Q&As on COVID-19 vaccines: third doses, variants, chemsex, Halal?

I took the morning dose of Paxlovid in the evening.

Has by ART failed?

Why am I coughing up phlegm?

Do all HIV positive people need the fourth vaccine dose?

Do I still need a booster COVID vaccine if my CD4 count is good?

Can COVID delay seroconversion?

Why have I been labelled as ‘vulnerable’?

Do HIV positive people need a third vaccine dose against COVID-19?

Will COVID-19 antigen tests show I am HIV positive?

Can HIV+ people use the yellow fever vaccine? – and COVID-19 ?

Do the COVID-19 vaccines protect against the Delta variant

Does everyone get protection from COVID vaccines?

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