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Coronavirus (CoV-2) and COVID-19

Q&As on COVID-19 vaccines: safety, effective, dosing, ethnicity, chemsex, Halal?

What are the main COVID-19 variants? How can they affect vaccine responses?

Can I get a COVID-19 vaccine without going through by GP?

Why doesn’t everyone get the COVID-19 vaccines that are 95% effective?

Can I use the Indian COVAXIN vaccine if I am on ART?

Can I use an antibody test to check if the COVID vaccine worked?

If the HepB vaccine didn’t work for me will the COVID vaccine work?

Does the Oxford/AZ vaccine increase the risk of blood clots?

Can I have a COVID-19 vaccine if I use crystal meth the same day?

Can I wait for a COVID-19 vaccine if I am young with a low risk?

I already have one virus (HIV) – why would I want parts of another?

Were HIV positive people included in COVID-19 vaccine studies?

Can I take other vaccines at the same time as COVID-19 shots?

What is the best treatment for COVID-19?

Why did we get a COVID-19 vaccine so quickly, but there is still no vaccine for HIV?

My HIV history included being told vaccines were a risk for me?

Which vaccines against COVID-19 are being used in the UK?

Is there information about COVID-19 vaccines using sign language (BSL or ASL)?

Q&As on COVID vaccines: in Russian and Czech…

Am I protected after the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine?

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