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Viral blips and viral rebound


From the i-Base guide to changing treatment. Figure 1. Viral load blips  A single blip above 50 is common. It doesn’t mean you need to change treatment. A blip is usually undetectable again on the confirmatory test. Figure 2. Viral …

Time from viral rebound to clinical symptoms


From the i-Base guide to changing treatment (2015) Figure 3. From rebound to symptoms Viral load rebounds. If you stay on the same meds, viral load will continue to rise.  Your CD4 count will go down over time. As your CD4 …

HIV life cycle


Diagrams of HIV life cycle showing how different types of drugs work. Picture of HIV life cycle from ‘Introduction to Combination Therapy (2014)‘.   Picture from ‘Treatment Training from Advocates‘.

Do some drugs develop resistance more easily?


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From the i-Base guide to changing treatment (2015) Figure 4: How one mutation can stop some drugs working Some drugs stop working after only one mutation. These include NNRTIs (nevirapine, efavirenz, rilpivirine and etravirine), integrase inhibitors (raltegravir) and some nukes (3TC  …