Selected words and phrases

lipodystrophy – body fat changes, including fat loss (from arms, legs, buttocks and face) and/or fat gain (in abdomen, breasts and shoulders). The lipodystrophy syndrome also includes metabolic changes in lipid and glucose metabolism.

compartment – place in the body that has barriers limiting both HIV and HIV drugs from moving freely. Key sites include the brian, the genital tract and some organs. Also called sanctuary sites.

IV (intravenous) – injecting into a vein. See SC (sub-cutaneous) and IM (intra-muscular).

meningitis – inflammation (-itis) of the meninges (part of fluid that surrounds the brain). Meningitis can be caused by different infections – ie bacterial meningitis (from bacterial infection), viral meningitis (form a virus) etc.

fungus (fungi) – parasitic organisms that include moulds, mildews, mushrooms and yeast.