HIV i-Base

Selected words and phrases

parasite – an animal or plant that get nutrients and support by living on another species.

DAA (direct acting antiviral) – new hepatitis C drugs that work directly against the hepatitis C virus (HCV).

Since 2014, the following DAAs and fixed dose combinations have been approved – and more are in development. Links are to the EMA website for information on each DAA.

Previously, HCV was treated with pegylated interferon (PEG-IFN) plus ribavirin (RBV).

Even though HCV guidelines now only recommend oral DAA treatment, the high price of these medicines means that in many countries they are only available to people who have advanced liver damage.

BMI (body mass index) – a calculation using  height and weight that is used to decide whether someone is over or under weight.

Online BMI calculator.

dronabinol – medicine made from the active ingredient in marijuana. Dronabinol is approved in the US but is no longer available in the UK.

treatment-experienced – someone who has previously used anti-HIV treatments.