Selected words and phrases

CCR5 inhibitor – type of HIV drug (an entry inhibitor) that blocks HIV from getting into a CD4 cell. CCR5 is a co-receptor on the surface of a CD4 cell that HIV uses to attach itself to the cell. CCR5 inhibitors block that process. Maraviroc is currently the only approved CCR5 inhibitor.

Drug targets in the virus life cycle.

varices – extended or swollen veins in the liver that can burst. They can be a complication of cirrhosis.

carcinoma – cancer in tissues covering or lining organs of the body, such as the skin, the uterus, the lung, or the breast.

A feeling that your bowl not completely empty even though it is empty. A medical definition is “a sensation of incomplete bowel evacuation despite an empty rectum”.

The marvels of latin and medicine – words for everything…

IV (intravenous) – injecting into a vein. See SC (sub-cutaneous) and IM (intra-muscular).