The BMA guide is a general reference book (not just HIV-related) including illustrated information on how drugs work and on many individual drugs:

BMA New Guide to Medicines and Drugs’. Produced by the British Medical Association, 2007 7th edition. Published by Dorling Kindersley for £16.99.

Much of the most easily readable and up-to-date information on side effects and HIV is available on the internet.

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Treatment guidelines

Treatment guidelines have good information on managing side effects.

British HIV Association (UK)

European AIDS Clinical Society (Europe)

AIDSinfo (US)

Community resources

The Canadian community organisation CATIE has a comprehensive guide to side effects that may cover other areas and options includes an excellent and comprehensive online database of conference abstracts.

Many conferences publish studies on the internet and some also let you hear lectures and see slides from some sessions. Important sites for 2011 meetings include:

Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections

International AIDS Society Conferences

Reports from these and other meetings are usually available shortly after the meetings on the following sites: (this site)

A community site with a range of information on fat loss. As well as facial fat loss this is one of the few sites that includes an overview of fat loss from the buttocks.

General information

Updated non-technical fact sheets on many side effects are available in English and Spanish on the New Mexico AIDS Infonet:

Aidsmap reports on many aspects of HIV and treatment.

BETA, the quarterly newsletter from San Francisco AIDS Foundation includes articles on side effects.

Physicians Research Notebook (PRN)
Detailed and more technical articles on many current aspects of treating and managing HIV, including side effects.

Websites on drug interactions

Online calculators

For risk of heart disease and kidney function

Different calculators use different data sets. None is 100% accurate or validated for HIV.

A calculator that includes race may help Black/non-Caucasian people:

A research site with heart risk (including a 5-year calculator from the D:A:D study developed for use in HIV-positive people) and kidney function (estimated GFR) calculators is at:

For BMI, smoking etc
A range of NHS calculators include BMI (for weight) and financial savings (from stopping smoking):

1 July 2012