Just found out you are HIV positive?

Living with HIV for many years?

Life may not always be easy, but clear and accurate information will help you feel in control of this aspect of your life. Most of the following resources were developed by and with HIV-positive people.

HIV meds

HIV meds

Information for each HIV medicine with a picture of each pill.

Includes links to full patient information and full prescribing info on the EMA (European Medicines Agency) website.

Ask a question

Every person is individual. Get answers to your questions – by

  • phone Mon-Wed 12-4pm on 0808 800 6013

Treatment guides – take control of your treatment

Plain-speaking treatment guides on

The Treatment Passport is a small booklet to record your test results and treatment history.

Information about PEP and PrEP

The new guide to HIV transmission is written for HIV positive and HIV negative people.

See the sections on viral load and when both partners are positive.

Last updated: 12 November 2013