This page is part of Pocket ART, an easy guide to HIV treatment.


Having a baby involves much more than the medical and practical side to pregnancy. For many people it is a central part of their life.

Although HIV makes life more complicated, you can still have children and a family.

ART dramatically reduces the risk of transmission from a mother to her baby. This protection continues through pregnancy and when the baby is born.

Produced with the 4M Mothers Mentoring Network.

Pregnancy links

Pocket pregnancy guide is a small i-Base leaflet about HIV and pregnancy.

It includes information about planning your pregnancy, using ART, delivery and after care including feeding.

This includes a focus on the importance of the mothers’ health and how this is also important for the baby.

Full guide to HIV, pregnancy and womens’ health

i-Base also produce more detailed information covering all aspects of HIV and pregnancy.

This guide is available online and as an A5 booklet.