Easy to read, up-to-date guides to HIV treatment, and sexual transmission and testing of HIV. About our guides.

Introduction to ART

What is ART (antiretroviral treatment)? How does it work? CD4 and viral load. When to start. Which drugs. Side effects, adherence and resistance. June 2022.

ART in pictures: HIV treatment explained

Six pictures with easy text to explain ART, the HIV lifecycle, adherence, test results, cure research and more. April 2022.

Record your treatment

Side effects diary and other charts from our Treatment Passport. Record your CD4 count, viral load, treatment history and other information. April 2022

UK guide to PrEP

Access to PrEP in the UK. How to buy PrEP online. Options for dosing. Testing and monitoring. February 2022.

Changing treatment

When viral load rebounds. Second-line therapy and drug resistance. Access to latest drugs. August 2021.

HIV testing and sexual transmission

Sexual health for you and your partner. Understanding risk. PrEP. U=U. How and when to test. What the results mean. June 2021.

HIV, pregnancy and women’s health

Planning your pregnancy. HIV treatment when pregnant. Important monitoring tests. Stopping your baby getting HIV. After baby is born. April 2019.

HIV meds

Listing for each HIV drug with links to patient and prescribing info.

Hepatitis C for people living with HIV

What is hepatitis C? New drugs (DAAs) and access. Testing, diagnosis and monitoring. FibroScan. April 2017.

HIV and your quality of life

Side effects and living well with HIV. Talking with your doctor. Ageing well. Diet and exercise. Tips to help. August 2016.

Community guide to HIV research

How HIV clinical trials work and why research is important. How to understand results. The role of the advocate in research. December 2015.

Questions and answers

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