Selected words and phrases

Compassionate use programmes enable people with life-threatening, long-lasting or seriously disabling illnesses to use drugs that have not yet been authorised. This is usually only for drugs that are near to drug approval, especially for people who would be excluded from research studies.

This is similar to, and sometimes called, a named-patient programme.

Information on compassionate access in the EU.

dyspepsia – a range of symptoms related to digestion problems that can include pain, nausea, heart burn. vomiting and pain in the stomach or upper intestine.

BMI (body mass index) – a calculation usingĀ  height and weight that is used to decide whether someone is over or under weight.

Online BMI calculator.

TB (tuberculosis) – a bacterial infection that commonly affects the lungs (pulmonary TB) but which can also affect most other organs.

TB section of the training manual.

blip – small, occasional increase in viral load.