Selected words and phrases

BD (or bid) – a short hand term for medication dosing that means ‘twice-daily’.

See also q12H.

triglycerides (TG) – a kind of lipid (blood fat) that is generated by the liver. Untreated HIV infection reduces triglicerides and treatment increases levels again. Some HIV drugs also increase triglycerides.

DEXA – a non-invasive scan that can measure the percentage of different body areas (whole body, trunk, right leg etc) that are muscle or fat. DEXA scans cannot determine if this is central fat (visceral adipose tissue, VAT) or sub-cutaneous fat (under the skin).

DEXA scan also can measure bone density and is used to monitor risk of osteopenia and osteoporosis.

duration – how long in time.

primary HIV infection (PHI) – early infection (usually first six months with after HIV infection). Sometimes called acute infection.