Clinical trials and research: an HIV community guide (2023)

This online resource explains how research studies work and why they are important.

It covers how to understand the results and the roles of the advocate in research.

The online edition of the rest of this resource was updated in January 2021.

The 2009 edition is available in Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Community involvement in HIV research is important. Advocates have always argued for active participant and community representation and involvement at all stages of our health care, including research.

This includes being involved on the type of research and the design of studies. It helps make sure that:

  • Studies are run properly.
  • All participants receive at least the current standard-of-care treatment.
  • We are able to follow both enrolment and how the study is run.
  • We are able to monitor and follow early results.
  • As people living with HIV, advocates are aware of how upcoming treatment advances. might change future standard of care.

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