Pocket HIV and hepatitis C guide

This page is part of Pocket ART, an easy guide to HIV treatment.

As i-Base is an HIV project, these resources are about HIV and hepatitis C coinfection.

Although it can be a difficult to have both infections, the good news is that there is effective treatment for both HIV and hepatitis C (HCV).

HIV treatment make life expectancy similar to before you were HIV positive.

New HCV drugs cure more than 95% of people.

Pocket HIV and HCV guide

This is a small i-Base leaflet about HCV for people who are also HIV positive. It covers testing, monitoring and treatment – especially with new HCV meds called DAAs (direct acting antivirals).

Full guide to hepatitis C for people with HIV

The main i-Base resource is an online guide to HIV and HCV coinfection .It includes detailed information about HCV treatment, including the new range of direct acting antivirals (DAAs).

This guide is available online, as a PDF download and a printed A5 booklet.