HIV Tedavi Bülteni (HTB Turkey)

HIV Tedavi Bülteni Türkiye (HTB Turkey) is a Turkish-language publication produced every four months by an independent group of Turkish doctors, activists and health care workers.

PDF of all editions are available on the Ege Üniversitesi HIV/AIDS Araştırma ve Uygulama Merkezi (EGEHAUM) website.


PDF files from earlier editions are included below.

HTB Türkiye Aralik_2013 (5.5 Mb) No 9 – December 2013

HTB Türkiye Agustos 2013 (2.6 Mb) No 8 – August 2013

HTB Türkiye Nisan 2013 (3.3 Mb) No. 7 – April 2013

HTB Türkiye Aralik 2012 (5.2 Mb) No. 6 – December 2012

HTB Türkiye Agustus 2012 (1.2 Mb) No. 5 – August 2012

HTB Türkiye Nisan 2012 PDF (1.5 Mb) No. 4 – April 2012

HTB Türkiye Agustos 2011 PDF (1.5 Mb) No. 3 – August 2011

HTB Türkiye Nisan 2011 PDF (2.6MB) 2nd edition – April 2011

HTB Türkiye 2010 PDF (2MB) 1st edition – 2010

Based on the i-Base publication HTB, it will be published three times a year and distributed in hard-copy and electronic versions to all HIV-treating doctors, clinics and patient groups in Turkey and to Turkish-speaking doctors in the surrounding regions.

It is a project of Ege University HIV/AIDS Practice and Research Centre (EGEHAUM, www.egehaum.com) and its director, Dr Deniz Gökengin, in collaboration with HIV i-Base and International HIV Partnerships (IHIVP, www.ihivp.org), a UK/US-based resource consultancy which works with HIV stakeholders to develop effective responses to HIV and related conditions.

New editions can also be downloaded from the university website.