HIV i-Base

Sample workshop course structure

These pages outline a recent course that i-Base ran for Positively UK. The numbered buttons at the bottom of the page link to each of the five sessions.

Session 1: Introduction to HIV treatment and setting course priorities

Topics discussed:

      • HIV monitoring tests: CD4 and viral load
      • Serodifferent couples: how can one person be positive and the other negative?
      • Drug levels in different sites: e.g. brain, genital tract etc.

Topics highlighted for future sessions:

      • Treatment strategies (including BHIVA guidelines and PI monotherapy)
      • Cure research
      • Drug interactions – including methadone and recreational drugs
      • HIV and ageing
      • Treatment
          1. Long term safety
          2. Brain function (how it relates to HIV and HIV drugs
          3. New drugs/ pipeline
          4. Side effects
          5. Different drug classes and how they work