29 March 2019: vol 20 no 4 – second CROI reports

This issue of HTB includes our second set of reports from the recent CROI 2019 conference.

These include reports on pipeline compounds from three new classes – a maturation inhibitor, a capsid inhbitor and first results of a monocolonal antibody PGT121.

Two posters reported that rapid-ART access continues to produce good results in San Francisco and there are additional supportive results for dolutegravir/3TC dual therapy from the GEMINI study.

In a major review, Polly Clayden reports in depth on the current data covering the possible signal of neural tube defects associated with dolutegravir.

Other reports include pharmacokinetic and drug interaction studies including that double-dose levonorgestrel implant does not overcome an interaction with efavirenz, that efavirenz and rifampicin together reduce levels of injectable contraception and that bedaquiline and delamanid can be given together to treat MDR TB.