Knowledge = power

MoreĀ than any other health issue, HIV changed the way that people are involved in health care.

This includes helping people to be actively involved in choices relating to our health.

Direct involvement of people living with HIV and our advocates has changed the way that drugs are developed, researched, priced and accessed.

i-Base is a treatment advocacy and activist organisation. The resources are developed to help train other community activists and to develop community networks.

ART in pictures: HIV treatment explained

This 32-page resource explains HIV treatment (ART) with a few pictures.

Each section first briefly explains a picture, and then has a more detailed explanation.

It is for anyone who wants to understand how ART works.

Download ART in pictures (April 2022) – PDF (1.3 Mb) – 5th edition.

i-Base workshops and talks

Information about different i-Base workshops and how to request a speaker.

Slide sets from community talks, including many links to online webinars are at this link,

Training manual for advocates

Nine training modules, with glossaries and test questions.

Please note the date for some of these modules.

Includes theĀ guide to Clinical trials and HIV research.

See also the i-Base online HIV drug resistance course.


A network of over 700 advocates in the UK.

All training and meeting materials are online. Link to UK-CAB website.

Adapting i-Base materials

Develop your own resources.

i-Base guides have been produced in over 35 languages. Some tips on how to start…

Why treatment literacy is important

Publication with statements from over 20 activists at an international treatment advocacy workshop.

Published with Wolfgang Tillmans with over 50 of his photographs.

Last updated: 1 January 2023.