CD4 count and equivalent CD4% for babies and children

CD4 counts are much higher for children than adults. A new-born baby for example can have a CD4 count that is 2-3,000 cells/mm3.

Because of this, children are monitored using CD4 percentage (CD4%). This is the percentage of white blood cells (lymphocytes) that are CD4 cells. The CD4% of an HIV-negative person is around 40%.

HIV disease category CD4% CD4
0-12 months old
1-5 years old
6-12 years old
Category 1 – no damage 25% or over over 1,500 over 1,000 over 500
Category 2 – moderate 15-24% 750-1,500 500-1,000 200-500
Category 3 – severe less than 15% less than 750 less than 500 less than 200