This resource was written and compiled by Simon Collins for HIV i-Base. It is part of the i-Base advocacy training manual. Third edition (May 2014).

This booklet is one section of the i-Base training manual for advocates, available online (www.i-Base.info). Other sections include: The immune system and CD4 count; Virology, HIV and viral load; Introduction to ARVs; Side effects of ARVs; OIs and co-infections; HIV and pregnancy; Drug users and ARVs, Understanding clinical trials and other learning resources.

This resource is part of a copyright-free project that is available on the i-Base website to download in various formats, or to work online. As with other treatment information produced by i-Base we encourage translations into other languages.

This resource was original developed through a series of workshops with UK advocates. Thanks also to an advisory group of community advocates, and to David Dunn and researchers at UK HIV Drug Resistance Database group for further comments.

Thanks to The Monument Trust for their support in funding this publication.