CROI 2010: non-technical conference summary

A non-technical summary from the recent 17th Retrovirus conference has been produced to cover some of the most interesting studies.

This supplement to the March/April issue of HIV Treatment Bulletin will also be distributed separately as a community report.

Covering twelve areas of research and touching on over forty studies, the electronic versions (online and PDF file) include hyperlinks to the original studies on the conference website.

  • Introduction: what is CROI?
  • HIV treatment reduces transmission: a new theme that is here to stay
  • ARVs before and after exposure: PrEP, iPrEP and PEP
  • Microbicides – gels to protect against infection
  • New drugs and formulations
  • Studies with current drugs
  • Below and above 50 copies/mL – intensification, blips and rebounds
  • HIV and heart disease
  • Bone health
  • HIV and the brain
  • Coinfections: TB and hepatitis C
  • Any news of a cure?

Read the online version.

Download PDF file.