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Lenacapavir is a new type of drug called a capsid inhibitor.

It is not currently approved in the US or the EU. However, it has already been submitted to the US FDA as a treatment for HIV multidrug resistance. It is also already available in the UK in individual cases of multidrug resistance.

Lenacapavir needs to be used in combination with other active HIV drugs.

  • Standard adult dose: one injection every six months.
  • Lenacapavir can be given with or without food.
  • Based on very limited results, the main side effects are skin reactions from where the drug was injected.
  • Information on potential drug interactions is also limited.
  • Lenacapavir is being developed by Gilead Sciences. It does not yet have a ┬átrade name.

Further information

Further information will be added to this page as it becomes available,

An HTB report included results presented to the IAS conference in July.