T-20 (enfuvirtide)

TEE-twen-tee (en-FUE-vir-tide)

Note: T-20 will be discontinued in the UK during 2024.

  • T-20 (enfuvirtide, tradename Fuzeon) is an entry inhibitor and fusion inhibitor.
  • Standard dose: 1 x 90 mg sub-cutaneous (under the skin) injection, twice-daily.
  • Take with or without food.
  • Side effects: injection site reactions, bacterial pneumonia, allergy.
  • Other comments: T-20 is only used in people who have extensive drug resistance. Because of the inconvenience of a twice-daily injection, T-20 is rarely used for first combinations. Many people who relied on T-20 several years ago have been able to safely switch from T-20 to newer drugs that are active against drug-resistant HIV.

Further information

Information about injecting T-20 and it’s side effects from the i-Base side effects guide.

The European patient leaflet and detailed Product Information for T-20 are available from this link on the European Medicines Agency (EMA) website.

The Patient Information is a simplified summary: what the drug is, why it is used, results from studies and cautions including side effects.

The Product Information is a detailed technical summary that you can access as a PDF file by clicking the ‘Product Information’ tab. It describes more precisely how the drug works and how it is processed by your body. This includes, for example, reported food interaction studies in terms of calories or fat content. It includes more details of the study results and a full list of side effects and drug interactions.