Drug names

Most drugs are known by several names. This includes a compound name, a brand name and an abbreviated name.

The most common names for drugs available when this guide was printed are listed below with space to add new drugs as they are approved.

Generic HIV drugs can be made by many different companies. These have different brand names which cannot all be listed here. See Generic HIV drugs.

Older drugs that are no longer used should still be included in your treatment history.

* = drug in development.

Trade name Compound name Abbreviation
Fixed dose combinations (FDCs)
Atripla (now generic) efavirenz + FTC + TDF EFV/FTC/TDF
Biktarvy bictegravir + FTC + TAF BIC/F/TAF
Delstrigo doravirine + 3TC + TDF DOR/3TC/TDF
Dovato dolutegravir + 3TC DOL/3TC
Eviplera / Complera (US) rilpivirine + FTC + TDF RPV/FTC/TDF
Genvoya elvitegravir + cobicistat + FTC + TAF E/C/F/TAF
Juluca dolutegravir + rilpivirine DOL/RPV
Odefsey rilpivirine + FTC + TAF RPV/FTC/TAF
Stribild elvitegravir + cobicistat + FTC + TDF E/C/F/TDF
Symtuza darunavir + cobicistat + FTC + TAF D/C/F/TAF
Triumeq dolutegravir + abacavir + 3TC DOL/ABC/3TC
Trizivir (rarely used) abacavir + 3TC + AZT TZV
Integrase Inhibitors (INIs or INSTIs):
(None) bictegravir BIC
Vocabria (Cabenuva in USA) cabotegravir injections* CAB-LA
Tivicay dolutegravir DOL
Viteka elvitegravir EVG
Isentress raltegravir RAL
* in FDC with rilpivirine (also oral)
Current NRTIs (‘nukes’):
Epivir lamivudine 3TC
Emtriva emtricitabine FTC
Ziagen abacavir ABC
Viread tenofovir-DF TDF (or TD)
TAF tenofovir alefenamide TAF
Dual NRTIs (2-in1 pills)
Kivexa (ABC+3TC) KVX
Truvada (TDF+FTC) TVD
Descovy (TAF+FTC) F/TAF
Combivir (AZT+3TC ) CBV
Old nukes (no longer or rarely used)
Zerit stavudine (no longer used) d4T
Retrovir zidovudine (rarely used) AZT
Videx didanosine  (no longer used) ddI
ddI/EC ddI ‘Enteric coated’  (no longer used) ddI/EC
Trizivir (AZT+3TC+ABC)  (no longer used) TZV
NNRTIs (‘non-nukes’):
Sustiva efavirenz EFV
Viramune nevirapine NVP
Rescriptor delavirdine (discontinued) DLV
Pifeltro doravirine DOR
Intellence etravirine ETR
Edurant rilpivirine RPV
Rekambys (in Cabenuva) rilpivirine LA (injections) RPV-LA
Current Protease Inhibitors (PIs):
Reyataz atavanavir (now less used) ATZ
Prezista darunavir DRV
Aptivus tipranavir (rarely used) TPV
Old Protease Inhibitors (PIs):
Kaletra lopinavir/r LPV/r
Telzir fosamprenavir FOS
Crixivan indinavir (no longer made) IDV
Viracept nelfinavir (no longer made) NFV
Norvir ritonavir (only used as booster) RTV
Invirase saquinavir (no longer made) SQV
Fortovase (hard gel capsule – no longer made)   SQV hgc
Entry inhibitors:
Fuzeon enfuvirtide (rarely used) T-20
Rukobia fostemsavir (attachment) FTV
Trogarzo ibalizumab (antibody) IBAL
Celsentri / Selzentry (USA) maraviroc MVC
Cobi cobicistat COB or /c
Norvir ritonavir RTV or /r
Other drugs commonly or rarely used:
Septrin cotrimoxazole
Acyclovir Zovirax
Hydrea hydroxyurea HU
ProLeukin interleukin-2 IL-2
Foscavir foscarnet FCN
Vistide cidofovir CDV
interferon various INF
ribavirin various RBV

Last updated: 10 January 2022.