What will I need to consider for my own health?

Healthy mother holding up babyAdherence! This means finding a way to make sure you continue to take your HIV drugs. This still needs to be exactly as prescribed, and follow the same advice to take them with food, if you do.

Your adherence to ART after the baby is born is critical.

Many women have excellent adherence during pregnancy. But with a change in routine, it is easy to forget your own health.

This is hardly surprising. Having a new baby can be a huge shock.

It can be unsettling in both good and bad ways. Your sleep patterns might change completely and you are unlikely to get enough sleep. When you do sleep, you might easily miss a dose. Keeping a record, even though you are now doing so many other things, might be a good idea.

You will need lots of extra support from your family, friends and healthcare team. You may also find a community group very helpful.

In serious cases, some women can have postnatal depression. This needs special support. It is important to talk about your feelings after your baby is born.

Many mothers find the best way to remember to take their own ART is to change it to match the times that their new baby takes HIV drugs. So if your baby has two doses a day and you have two doses, you can both take these at the same time.

Last updated: 1 April 2019.